Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

...who is the fairest of them all?

Time Magazine
has decided that it's all about "you". Time has chosen as "Person of the Year" us, in other words the consumer of media products. Everyone knows that with blogs, chat rooms, instant messaging, free republic, talk radio, Fox news, and web sites the people have risen up and revolted against media imposed liberalism, well not everyone. Just the smart people.

The liberal media are a little peeved and a little poorer.

Like water circling the drain, our focus, our attention is increasingly centered upon ourselves.

And then there is the Liturgy. As Uncle Di points out in his usual "take no prisoners editorial style" the hierarchy is intent upon insisting that the "Liturgy" is all about the "people of God" and not about God.

It's Christmas time. Now, if at no other let us come and adore Him, whom the angels worship. Well not all of them. Only the smart ones.


ablondeblogger said...

Wow...that's an interesting choice. Yes, I LOVE how bloggers have added to the power to balance out the liberal media.

And it's so funny to see all of the attacks on Fox News when CNN is so unbalanced, yet nary a peep from the liberal media about that! You know you're winning when they start complaining like that.

Anonymous said...

Indeed! But don't worry; some day the blogs will all net together and take down the liberal media once and for all! But it's a bit creepy that I learn so much more about the things that actually matter in my life by reading Jovan-Marya's blog and the Remnant than the New York Times.

Thomas Shawn said...

Yeah, I saw the Time thing reported on Drudge Report... and I thought .. "who cares what Time thinks?"

Dust I Am said...

Time Magazine got it right because we now worship ourselves rather than the one true God. Yes, the gods of the year are us. Blasphemy is always scary, isn't it?