Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's a Wonderful Life

Just watching It's a Wonderful Life and we got to the part where the Martini Family is moving to their first home financed by the Bailey Savings and Loan and before they enter George and Mary Bailey present the Martini's with three things:

1. A loaf of bread that this house may never know hunger.
2. Salt, so that life always has flavor.
3. Wine for joy and vitality.

Can you get more sacramental than that?


ablondeblogger said...

I LOVE that movie! Merry Christmas!

Cecilia said...

Ciao: what a beautiful blog, Mary!

Lee P. said...

That movie is an absolute piece of #$%@.
It has NOTHING to do with True Faith, reduces it to mere sentimentality, and was a big flop when first released (I think Catholics were better educated at that time, maybe).