Friday, December 22, 2006

What is the Young Traditionalist getting for Christmas this year?

To start with the Medieval Tapestries coloring book by dover publications. Because if it's Medieval it's good. Unless you are talking about the Plague.

Carpentry- to teach building because anything is better than video games.

Classical Kids Volume II. Why Volume II? Because the Young Traditionalist already has Volume I. Engaging stories about the composers with exposure to their music.

Camoflague outfits for the young men because we are raising men and not sissified, flabby, video game addicted, effeminate, wimps. (okay I'll stop now)

And what the Young Traditionalist is NOT getting for Christmas:

Because Amazon refuses to sell it until May of 2007 and though available in the U.K. and my sister saw it flying back from Kathmandu, Nepal she thought it looked too dangerous. Hello! You're flying back from Kathmandu via Doha! This book looks great with directions on making catapults, potato guns and all sorts of dangerous things.

And being a Traditionalist you know there is nothing more dangerous than the Truth and endeavoring to uphold it. Dangerous, threatening, nefarious and evil, that's us.


Stephen said...

Well done Mary! If only Christmas lists like that were possible when I was that young!

NCTradCatholic said...

And nothing but coal for you, because you've obviously been a bad girl! :-)