Saturday, January 20, 2007

Be a Marine?

Who wants to be a Marine? Well everyone does. Their maxim- "the few, the proud, the Marines".

What does it take to be a Marine- hard work, aspiring to be the best, elitism and a conviction that it is necessary.

When you hold up an ideal. Everyone wants to aspire to it.

Like the Church. Once being Catholic was considered elite- the shock troops of Christianity, ready to shed blood in a moment for the Truth. Membership in the Church was necessary for salvation (Pius IX thought so in his Syllabus of Errors), and it took hard work. There was ritual, mystery, aspiration for the best- for sanctity.

We've ripped out the altar rails, dispensed with holy days of obligation, reduced requirements for fasting and eliminated the necessity of adhering to the belief and system of the True Faith. Optional. Unnecessary. All inclusive.

And guess what? No one wants it.


Thomas Shawn said...

I think there has been a movement toward the Salvation Army or the limp wristed conscientious objector model.

As Islam advances and perhaps a few liberal heads roll ... the Church as the bulwark of all civilization may re-emerge.

Anonymous said...

So limp wristed, even Jesus wouldn't let Peter use the sword, huh?

In any case, if you notice, the Marines are struggling to fill the ranks so I would have to disagree with you that everyone wants to be a Marine.

According to my brothers, both of whom are Marines, the shortages are so acute they are seriously understaffed in battle. Not cool.

But to address your larger point, I would agree with you completely that lowering standards within the Church does not make people want it.

Petrus said...

RCM: Wouldn't you agree though, that the reasons why people don't want to be Marines is because we live in a hedonistic society where people are unused to sacrificing for others?

And Jesus wasn't a conscientious objector. Telling Peter not to use the sword was clearly an indication that this battle - the battle for our souls - is not one in which swords are used.

Don Kenner said...

So true. When Pope Benedict XVI quoted an Emporor who noted Islam's commitment to violence (by which me meant the slaughter of innocents), our enlightened Bishops responded (eight days later) by stating that such attitudes were not inspiring to "authentic Christians."

So guess we should denounce those who fought back the Sword of Islam at Lepanto, then excommunicate Don John of Austria.

No one wants sacrifice? It's much worse: no one wants to even speak the truth, even when the consequences are not death or dismemberment, but merely being unpopular with the posers in our Church.

Dust I Am said...

The Church that demands less gets less; the Church that demands more gets more--just like the Marines.

HSarsfield said...

petrus said:

"Wouldn't you agree though, that the reasons why people don't want to be Marines is because we live in a hedonistic society where people are unused to sacrificing for others?"

Perhaps it's more because the people of this country don't want to be a part of Bush's unjust war. Or perhaps they don't want to be a part of the perversion that has infiltrated EVERY branch of the military in this country. When you have general officers giving pep talks to an enlisted man, using sexually explicit metaphors, where you have a glorification of blood and violence, there is a very real perversion there. There is NOTHING Catholic in the military of this country, and I would rather die than have one of my sons serve in any branch. As it is, I had to endure 4 years of my husband's service. I will not give my sons over to satan in the same way. In other countries, the glory is in the the dying for one's country. You don't really want to kill someone, but it's something you have to do. In the US Marines, it's the complete opposite. They find glory in the killing for it's what they have been taught to glory in. It's truly sickening. There was a young man at a TLM that I have attended that was a sniper. He had a sweatshirt on that said "Marine sniper: Judge, jury, executioner" with a picture of a sniper site over someone's head. This is not "we have to kill people because it's a necessary evil", it's "yeah! we get it KILL people!".

I know this wasn't the intent of Mary's post, but I felt that this comment needed to be addressed.