Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Watching Your Credibility Plummet

This drives me crazy.

Reminds me a little bit of this. That was supposed to be in 1988 I think.

And we can't forget this.

IF, God was speaking to Pat Robertson, the first thing He would tell him is to convert to the True Faith.

And have you ever noticed how these prophecies are "proclaimed" a full nine months ahead of time. We don't hear about them the day before or the day of. That gives people (i.e. financial supporters) time to forget about the false prophecy, time for Robertson to apply it something else occuring at another time but still time for him to bring it up if God forbid there is a terrorist attack.

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gawfer said...


You know how I feel about our relationships with the Lord...

But I must say, somebody at the 700 club needs to provide Mr. Robertson a nice soft bed in a retirement home, far, far away from the media. His mouth has exceeded his brain way too many times, and indeed, his credibility has long since abandoned him.