Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blog Underground

A new trend in blogging?

Avoid those nasty arguments from malcontents on your blog who delight in picking apart your statements, correcting errors of fact and judgment, and in short ing you by being more right, more often than you, the "Blog Master" are.

If you agree with me, if you praise me, if you extol me, you may read my blog.

And if you don't, you will "be on the outside looking".

Oh what wonderful things are they doing on this blog? What glorious pronouncements are being made? What secret information passed on?

The suspense is killing me!

To the author, I think this is called a "Private Chat Room" and not a blog.


qlinger said...

I guess we aren't on the invitation list . I wonder why?

hilary said...

well Mary, that's pretty much how I run mine. Anyone can read me and even comment, but if you say something I think is stupid, you will get horribly verbally abused. Its a rule that keeps em coming back for more.

Petrus said...

That is so hilarious.

Thomas Shawn said...

True Restoration, who is this?

M. Alexander said...

Any fool can read your blog. They may even benefit from it. This blog is content-restricted.

My personal theory- the SSPX has told him to stop blogging. Damage control.

Simon-Peter said...

I agree with M Alexander. He has been ranting uncontrollably for some time. He usually travels with a Tony La Rosa who last year called the Novus Ordo Missae "evil", and I must assume he meant intrinsically.


Despite their many protests over many months I still maintain they are closet SV.

Their version of catholicism and their attitude to women makes me think of...gasp...sharia law.

Anonymous said...

A question for 'simonpeter': When you use the pronoun "THEY" to whom are you referring? The comments about a particular blogger are concerning one PERSON, not a group as I see it.
Perhaps you mean the trurestoration blogger and the other man mentioned in your comment. Nothing I ever read on that blog would lead me to believe that anyone there is SV.

Petrus said...


Perhaps not sv, but certainly there seems to be little need for a Pope, especially if you think the present one is spreading heresy.

Are you the same anonymous on my blog?

Simon-Peter said...


all they have written, is not on that blog, and going back through archives wherever you find them, is very instructive.

Perhaps I overstated it, shall we say there seems to be a certain degree of cross-pollination going on? It depends were you are on the SSPX continuum.

I have also experienced first hand, SV who were using the SSPX as a front here in North carolina. This might colour my view somewhat. On the other hand I know some SSPX (friends) who are of a different kind.

It's like this: what is the difference between a professional and a practical atheist?

Over time...?

Anonymous said...

Not understanding your question, and what relevance it has to the blog posting, I will venture a guess.

A PROFESSIONAL atheist has studied atheism and knows all the ins and outs of the non-belief in a Diety.

A PRACTICAL atheist would be one who 'practices' atheism in everyday life.

As for ..."over time?", what can I say?? I liken it to the great maxim "Lex Orandi Lex credendi". The PRACTICAL atheist learns to believe what he practices and the PROFESSIONAL atheist does what he believes. (Liken that to the NO Mass and you have your answer!)

The difference would be that one preaches what he believes and the other believes what he preaches.

So, does this clarify the comment that the afore named blogger is a "closet SV".

All I can ascertain from your question is that you really are NOT lying about your English heritage!

M. Alexander said...

Why don't you drop the "Anonymous" designation and post?

Petrus said...

Anonymous, er, Stephen:

Truly, you have a dizzying intellect. (ref. The Princess Bride)

Simon-Peter said...

Anon., not quite right on the atheist matter: Then again it WAS a rhetiorical question.

Very simply.

A professional atheist (SV) is one who denies the existence of God, period, though he *might* live a relatively virtuous life according to the natural law and natural graces.

A practical atheist (SSPX fringe) is one who accepts the existence of God and, to varying degrees his Law, but sins like the devil himself regardless.

Do you still not see the point?

Over time they both wind up toasted.

"All I can ascertain from your question is that you really are NOT lying about your English heritage!"

What on earth does this mean?

Petrus said...


I think its a racial slur. You should sue for defamation.

(I'm kidding. This whole thread cracks me up as an instance of people taking themselves WAY too seriously.)