Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Freedom or Slavery?

I was searching for a Saint's treatise on the Holy Name. Since it is the month dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus.


I found this.

I said to myself- "Don't!" But curiosity, the same that killed the cat, prevailed upon me to act. To click. And I found what I expected. Bold expressions about "the environment" and "social justice" (which in my mind has come to mean killing babies and sparing murderers)and I encountered the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. It is as painful to type as it is to read.

Mercifully, they do not address the liturgy. While I could let my imagination run wild, I will exert whatever self control I STILL HAVE and ignore that eventuality.

But what mostly struck me- well besides these pictures of the founderess:

Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher circa 1849...

And in Blessed Marie- Rose in 1993:

Was the disparity between promoting- "Liberation" for the Sisters of the Holy Names and "Enslavement". For the love of Mary, each heart becomes a slave.

To make your Total Consecration to Mary as proscribed St. Louis de Montfort, the "easy way" to salvation you can start here.


hilary said...

Ironic isn't it, that the ladies in the convents, when they were liberated by the ministrations of Carl Rogers and his friends, made the complaint that the hierarchy had always treated them as if they were silly children who could not manage their own affairs.

Well, now we know, don't we?

Tradcatholic said...

Yes sir-y-bob, them are silly pictures indeed! All other theories aside,(eg mundane liturgies, lack of real prayer, lack of mortification, dress blending with the likes of the 'ordinary' women, lack of humility etc) the REAL reason the vocations are all but defunct today is evident in the picture your posted, Mary, of the gaggle of sillies sporting no particular outward sign of anything special or elevating.

A real woman with a real vocation to be spouse of Christ would turn and run the other way seeing the likes of this lot!

It sure is great that God loves us all 'just the way we are' --- good thing for them!!

Anonymous said...

I, for one, particularly like the modern picture of Mother Marie Rose who appears to be floating in a tub full of colorful soap suds lapping up on her face.

Where do you FIND this stuff?? Why would anyone even put these pictures on the web??

Anonymous said...

Look at their ages. They are old. Now, I know there may be many older women called to be nuns, but many of these women have been nuns their whole lives. They are not growing in numbers!

Also, don't let others define what "social justice" means. We know what many leave out, but we know what really belongs under the term.

paramedicgirl said...

As soon as I clicked on the link, everything became crystal clear. They are in Canada, where the faith is in serious jeopardy. We need the Motu Proprio here, and we need it fast!