Friday, August 03, 2007


...just love this rendering of the Epiphany by Giotto? I especially like the fact that one of the Kings is holding the Baby Jesus. Because you know they didn't come all that way just to wave to Him. And Our Lady is reclining and resting in what reminds us of the Ark of the Covenant because she was the new Ark.

Thanks to the Incarnation, thanks to what Mary gave to the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity by way of outfit when He moved into our world, thanks to His little hands and feet and eyes, His little Body wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in the straw in a cave, letting an ox and an ass breathe on Him- our toil, our sweat, our aches and pains, the way we genuflect, the fold of our hands- through them the Divinity is flowing, because my flesh and blood, through Holy Communion, can assume the Flesh and Blood which Jesus assumed.

from "Not Made For This World" by Fr. Leonard Feeney, MICM


Petrus said...

CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST!! That's awesome :)

erin is nice said...

i've never seen that painting before- i love it!

have you read father feeney's book fish on friday?

Lily said...

I love that painting. Beautiful.

M. Alexander said...

I have the book but have not read it- how mortifying!