Friday, August 10, 2007

Plum Island, Massachusetts

Yesterday we spent a really glorious day at Plum Island Beach. The Island is actually a protected wildlife refuge and home to many bird species including the famous piping plovers. We didn't see any birds other than the sea gulls who stole one peanut butter and fluff sandwich and then later in the day attacked our bag of garbage scattering it.

The sunburns are mild. We did use sunscreen but we bought it at Building 19 for $.97. For those of you who don't know what Building 19 is, the Odd Lot, Job Lot stores are a big step up.

The waves were great and it was perfect weatherwise. No one drowned and there was only one sliced toe. We stayed so long I really should have packed dinner too- next time.

After we got home and I was checking the news I found this news flash:

Great White Shark Spotted Off Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

This is the same shark as the Jaws movies which I understand are documentaries ;). The reassuring words from the experts were that Great Whites travel alone and travel 30-50 miles per day and eat rarely so this one's seal snack will probably last several days before it feeds again.

Before we moved north the National Sea Shore in Chatham was our favorite beach and we went there all summer. Though with our luck the next stop for the Great White on it's dining tour will probably be Plum Island for a nice piping plover snack.


G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Allow me to recommend Crane's Beach in Ipswich, just to the south of Plum Island. I am not much of a beach person, being far too rotund and far to pale, but friends who have always been beach people like it.

Donna said...

Hi Mary -

We are headed to Cape Cod this coming Tuesday - nice picture to have in my mind LOL.

Hope you and yours well!


M. Alexander said...

Dear Donna,
I hope you have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Plum Island is an eclectic and constantly modifying position and group just off the northeast shore of Boston. These are our opinions.