Friday, August 24, 2007

Pictures from the Philippines

This first picture is of the tents set up in the jungle when the doctors and nurses travelled outside the city of General Santos. They were there with the protection of the Filipino and the U.S. Army. 2000 patients were seen during the 2 week medical mission and 5000 Rosaries were distributed.

On the last day the missionaries were taken to the ocean before they returned home.

This is a picture of Dr. Phalen enjoying a Diet Coke. I understand that is not ALL she drank on the trip. A hem. Seriously though, apparently women do not drink in the Philippines and Dr. Phalen horrified the populace by having a beer. Unfortunately there is no photographic documentation which makes it an unverified rumour.

This shows the barbed wire around the perimeter of the houses. The first night Ana spent in the Philippines her gracious host told her all about the burglaries and kidnappings that were common in their town usually perpetrated by natives and Muslims. Just last month the home Ana stayed in had been invaded. Three men hid in the pantry all day until the servants went home. The residents counted themselves lucky- they were only robbed and not kidnapped. They didn't sleep too well that first night.

This is Jack Fruit- one of the many fruits that Ana fell in love with. She ate rombutons, papayas, mangos and I have no idea what else.

One of the many gorgeous flowers of the Philippines.

The other flowers that the Philippines are graced with.

One of Ana's jobs was to hold babies while their mothers were seeing the doctors. She liked that job.


Lily said...

Gorgeous children! That fruit looks amazing, what did it taste like? What color is inside? I would have liked babysitting while the parents saw the doctor too!

Ana is very mature to handle all she faced. That was a most gracious host to scare the wits out of them the first night, lol. I guess it was a good idea to keep everyone on their guard especially since, I would imagine, many of them come from safe environments.

Glad Ana is home safe and sound.

NCTradCatholic said...

Oh, those Irish women, stirring up trouble again! 'Tis such a sad thing, I must break open a Guinness to soothe my green heart.

tradcatholic said...

Actually, the Jack Fruit is yellow-white inside, very sweet but quite hard to digest. All the fruits were wonderful! Well, one exception, the Durian - a nasty smelling, but sweet tasting (so they say) creation. I wasn't tempted to try it, but was treated to Durian ice cream on one day - tolerable, but not to be knowingly repeated!
Thanks for all of your prayers for our Mission. Great spiritual "fruits" have already resulted. These all have the sweet taste and odor of sanctity! Much sought after, I may add!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, I see Lady Ana is in her own Cassat / Beaux painting. How I Loooovvvveeee the last picture here (and all the pics of her). I am just soo impressed (and so behind on this news)and think that Ana rules (like her Momma). What a great woman she already is!