Friday, August 24, 2007

Pictures from the Philippines Medical Mission

This first picture is of Anastasia and Dr. Phalen riding on a motorcycle taxi. I'm assured that it is as perilous as it looks.

This is Anastasia's best friend- Jannilyn who is also 17 years old. Couldn't they be sisters! The Filipino people told Ana she had "their skin" color.

I know what Dr. Phalen is thinking about when she posed for this picture. While Dr. Phalen was a medical student in Ireland she had a scooter that she said was "the best thing". She road it back and forth in all weather and at all hours to and from the hospital.

This final picture is a carving of the Infant and Madonna in the rocks.

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Lily said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the one of the carving in the rocks. Ana looks so young! What a magnificent adventure!