Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Absolutely Love This!

The Buy Nothing Christmas

Filched from The Brocante Home Chronicles- a vintage housekeepers blog I haunt.

Let's not let the Mennonites get ahead of us, shall we?


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to read the blog from which this idea is promulgated. Both sides of the blog's entries are just FILLED with things to buy - it is a veritable department store of goods to purchase. If one had spent the year buying all this stuff, there would be no need to shop more at Christmas time! Giving at Christmas should continue, but with moderate expenditure, IMO

Cecilia said...

I have nothing against a moderate and fruitful way of exchanging gift on Christamas Time. I believe it is deeply rooted in tha Catholic tradition of Christmas. Everything is supposed to be based on the gifts giving of the shepherds and the Three Kings, isn't it?