Monday, November 05, 2007

Kidz at the Patriots game

My sister took this picture and did some photoshop editing. It was the Patriots-Giants Preseason game where the Patriots killed the Giants. It almost met the definition of bullying. My sister, the fearless, wore her Eli Manning jersey regardless. She's loyal if nothing else. Happily inspite of wearing a "Manning" jersey she survived the experience and left the stadium in one piece.

From back, left to right- Rose, Anastasia, Andrew, then in the front two friends- Patrick and Jacob Crory and Nathaniel and Tim.

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Madeline said...

No photoshopping. This is the actual picture I took. If I had photoshopped it, it would have been to take out that obnoxious couple in the lower right of the picture, who just had to stand up there with their arms around each other.

There are very few situations that call for that sort of pda, and they are usually limited to Bruce Willis films where there's no or little hope of return. Ugh!

BTW, I was not the only one wearing a NYG jersey. There were at least five or six Strahan and Manning (even an old "Simms") jerseys.