Sunday, December 30, 2007

16 and 0 and it's Oh So Sweet!

The Patriots beat the Giants and achieved the perfect season. Records were broken. A new standard has been set and the outlook for the Playoffs is bright. I've promised the kids that if the Patriots win another Super Bowl they can all skip school and we will go into Boston for the victory parade.

I've always valued winning decisively rather than graciously. And in that vein, the quote of the postgame pressconferences is from Randy Moss.

Q: Was it like a vindication for those that questioned this team signing you? How special was it for you to break Rice’s record?

RM: I don’t really think that me breaking Jerry Rice’s record was special. I think shutting you guys up was really what made it special. All the negativity and all my critics, I think this really is a good feeling to be able to come in and have a good season like this, to have confidence in myself that I can still get it done. And still I really wasn’t coming into the season not thinking that I was going to have a good season. My mindset was to come out here and have a hell of a season. Now what the numbers were, I really didn’t know. I just wanted to come up here and play some good football this year, knowing that it was my 10th year in the league. Good things happened and you see what happened.

You've gotta love Randy Moss when he speaks to the press. He is so volatile. So honest. So uncontrived.

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Ggoose said...

Yay! Another Pats fan!!!