Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady

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You are probably thinking- another book about Mother Teresa. Another book showing heartbreaking images of Mother Teresa as she cares for starving people. Seen it. Can't go there. Can't do that.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

This book is about the spiritual relationship that Mother Teresa had with Our Lady. Drawing on the spirituality of St. Louis Marie de Montfort, it was truly Our Lady who sustained and inspired Mother Teresa to become the saint that she has been declared.

The book was written by Fr. Joseph Langford, MC. Fr. Langford is the founding priest of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity. Perhaps no one knew Mother Teresa as well as Fr. Langford. There is also a very interesting insight into how the Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe inspired the work and the vision of the Missionaries of Charity.

One of my favorite descriptions in the book is when Mother Teresa would say that she always held her rosary, even when working, even while not praying the rosary, because she felt that she was holding the hand of Our Lady.

The book also contains some insight into the newly reported "Dark Night of the Soul" suffered by Mother Teresa. In Mother Teresa's own words,

If I ever become a saint I will surely be one of "darkness" . I will continually be absent from Heaven - to light the light of those in darkness upon earth.

This is a well written book and would make a wonderful Christmas present.

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crusader88 said...

Although I can't claim to be fully informed on the issue, this gives me hope that Christopher Hitchens and the others who claim Mother Teresa lost her faith will be silenced.