Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Baby Chicks are here

We ordered a dozen Rhode Island Reds, like the one above. And in a moment of insanity I ordered an additional 25 meat chickens Cornish rock hens (I think) and 12 turkeys. (white big leg or something like that).

And lest you be impressed, we have absolutely no idea what we are doing.

But I found this website:

Keeping a Backyard Flock

I think I have the same chicken raising philosophy as one of this friends who keeps hers under a truck cab mounted on cinder blocks. Now that's Vermont efficiency.

At first I made the mistake of checking the local UMASS extension office. And the first article that came up was Avian bird flu. Don't handle live poultry and all that. Thanks. Very reassuring.


Petrus said...

Nearly 50 poultry!! You are so adventurous!!!

John Triolo said...

Wow, growing chickens are you? I had NO idea. Where will you keep them all?

M. Alexander said...

Why in the cottage of course! LOL ;)

mum2twelve said...

Having raised chickens ourselves and contemplated having turkeys as well - you absolutely can NOT have the turkeys and chickens together and they must be a significant distance apart. Chickens harbour some virus or germ that is not harmful to them but will kill turkies... at least is what we were told!

Good Luck and once you taste home grown you will never want to go back again to store bought. I miss home frown meat so much and so does our health!!!
Saint Isidore, patron saint of farmers may be who you want to invoke over the next few weeks.

Best of luck and many prayers
God Bless
Christi aka mum2twelve

PS we had special boots the kids wore in the chicken run and took off before coming in the house.

Anonymous said...

We let the duck, chickens and turkeys run together, didn't know you weren't supposed to. They all did fine, tasted great, LOL. Mary, did you ever get your chicken coop built? How are your Cornish cross doing? Great boot idea mum2twelve!
Chilly Chick

MomToCherubs said...

Enjoy your adventure !! Chikcens are wonderful entertainment. We have raised chickens off and on over the years (never raised turkeys though), and are getting ready to order 50 peeps too -- 20 for eggs, and 30 for meat. Happy clucking !!

God Bless.