Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Favorite Coloring Books

...and on a much lighter note.

This coloring book gives a simple outline of classical masterpieces and a bit of information on the artist.

Amazon has it.

Medieval Tapestries- you will want to color in this one. And for the mother who longs to visit the Cloisters in NYC and probably never will, this may satisfy you.

From Dover

A Walk in the Woods by Dot Barlowe.

This book is really beautiful and has so many delightful scenes from the New England woods, like the porcupine sleeping on a tree branch on page 28. Would be an excellent addition to a natural science curriculum.

Another book by Dover.

And finally The Children's Garden of Verse coloring book.

Also from Dover.

And I just discovered Brighter Vision Learning Adventures. Every month you receive a packet with a workbook, hardcover story book and puzzle for about $11. The workbook and puzzle were great and worth it eventhough I was unimpressed with the hardcover storybook this month. The trick to these is if you do not want the monthly selection DO NOT OPEN IT. Just write Return to Sender and the company pays return shipping. You are out nothing. My 4 year old is loving this. Finally he has school work like the older kids.

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