Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Catholic Bishops, Elliot Spitzer and the Traditional Catholic Family

Now how could I resist this article?


Anonymous said...

I would think there are other realities that militate against vocations along side this issue though. In the last century you had Von Balthasasr, Rahner and John Paul II saying that we did not know for sure if anyone is in hell. And we had Vatican II stress that God works on people outside the Church whether they be atheists or separated brethern in God attempts to appeal to them and to save them. And on top of all that we have homilies for decades now that say that God is inviting all men...not commanding...inviting inviting all men.
After all that, who would be moved to give up their life to be a missionary and get their head cut off in Pakistan if it seems that no one may be in hell anyway because God found other ways to reach them.
Oy veh....the Remnant ought to give multifacted motives on this vocation issue and not simply the sex angle that they are attracted to. If it's hard to get into hell and no preacher stresses it including Popes,guess what....people are going to do other things and they can pray for the heathen from a distance.

NCTradCatholic said...

Both Anonymous and Mrs. Collorafi (in the Remnant) make very good points! O Lord, grant us many holy priests and religious vocations.