Monday, October 09, 2006

Children Need to Play

Children need more time to play

File under: "Ya think?".


qlinger said...

Well daaaaaaa. Honestly, you would think people never had tv, games or school to raise their children.

Petrus said...

Don't forget video games, Qlinger.

I don't know what parents did before video games... maybe women actually stayed home and raised them!!

Thomas Shawn said...

In the effort to get away from television some parents engage in over-programming.

I'm contemplating sending a soon to be 4 year old into a season of spring soccer but even that is with a bit of reserve.

I figure, 1 hour of running around with other kids, chasing a ball, mixed in with 4 hours hanging with Dad running errands on a Saturday will just about be the right mix.

Besides, who has money to do more than 1 sport per year?

S.H. said...

I think that's John Singer Sargent painting his I right?

I love his work.

M. Alexander said...

Actually it's Mary Cassatt.