Saturday, October 21, 2006

Monastery: the Reality TV Series on TLC

I suppose it highlights the world's fascination with what is holy and sacred. Though it seems a bit like we are casting pearls before swine I suppose some heart may be touched.

The premise of the show is that guests are to spend 40 days at the desert Monastery Our Lady of the Desert in New Mexico. This Boston Herald article mentions 5 men staying with the monks while this USA Today article reveals that an equal number of women will stay with the sisters.

It seems that a majority of the participants are atheists, agnostics or malcontents who engage the monks in debate about "women rights and gay rights". How tiresome and completely predictable.

In researching the website of the Monastery I discovered that this community makes monastic caskets to sell. Rather than seeming morbid it seems quite fitting and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

The series is at the monks monastery of Christ in the Desert. Our Lady of the Desert monastery is the woman's monastery.
Monastery Caskets are made by the monastery of the Holy Cross in Chicago, a foundation of Christ in the Desert.
The monks said they had total control over who participated and if they stayed or went. They seemed quite pleased with the finished result.

hilary said...

The caskets are really nice. I went to a funeral this weekend and it had one of the standard Buick style luxury models. I said (sotto voce to my friend) that I wanted a pine box. One that tapers towards the feet. Looks like I know where I can order now.

I think the US version is probably going to be less interesting than the first one that the BBC did at Worth Abbey. I blogged about the women's version on the BBC. The Poor Clare nuns had a few...interesting ideas about the Faith. Remind me never to pursue religious life in the UK.