Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Milingo and pals, serving the Church

Like a lot of good articles I found this on Catholic World News affectionately known as the Catholic Drudge Report.

It is an editorial trying to promote sympathy for Bishop Milingo who is now excommunicated. The headline is eye catching- Did Milingo Marry Out of Vatican Frustation? it reads. Now that is a new way of describing one of the Seven Deadly Sins and I don't mean pride by the way. My thought was typical liberal tripe, not worth responding to or commenting on until I noticed the author:


Now it may be that Fr. Joachim is of another religion- perhaps episcopalian or the Moonie Church.

And from the article another adherent to the "new religion" of Milingo:

Bishop Milingo has been backed by a Kenyan priest Fr Godfrey Shiundu, who was recently relieved of his priestly duties after he married Stella Nangila in May this year, joining 150, 000 priests who have defied the Vatican’s mandatory law of celibacy.

According to Shiundu, Milingo did nothing wrong to warrant excommunication because the need to have Catholic priests marry is a feeling that is shared by many in the church, including priests who also want this freedom.

And is it just my imagination or is there an obvious reference to evolution here?

And with this statement:

In his book, Fished out of Mud, Milingo claims that Rev Moon had intended to use him to establish an African Catholic Church with him as its head, a gift he says he didn’t want to ignore.

we see that Milingo has done all this- marry, defy the Vatican, foment schism, for the sake of Ecumenism. Rationalization is an insidious thing. The Inquisition is too good for some people.

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