Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Child's Book of Lullabies

I just discovered this book and am enraptured. Why am I writing about this on Against All Heresies? Because by promoting motherhood, raising children and in general romanticizing family life we are fighting the modernist heresies of sterile individualism and self determinism.

The book is a collection of traditional lullabies, each accompanied by a Mary Cassatt painting. The audiotape has the lullabies beautifully played and sung. Each page of lyrics includes the piano music. Can't you just imagine a young lady playing these lullabies for her little sister or brother? I just ordered my copy from Half.com but make sure you get the book AND the audio tape.

And then I found this coloring book. In the series there is also a Degas coloring book for your little ballerina.

In general I do not tolerate sentimentalism. My preferred level of sentimentality would best be embodied by any one of the films composing the Rambo Trilogy. But this book, in my opinion does not fall victim to that regretable trap of overt, simpering sentimentality.

I think this will become my newest baby gift. Another excellent gift is the book Explaining the Mass to Young Children by Maria Montessori.

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