Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate


1. In spite of taking a few days off from the campaign to deal with his job as SENATOR during the economic crisis, Senator McCain looks confident, at ease and presidential. Obama started his day at the gym. And he's still nervous.

2. Obama is sweating and the veins in his face are bulging. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

3. If Obama continues to call SENATOR McCain, "John" I think I will burst a blood vessel.

4. Have you ever heard Senator McCain call Barack Obama, "Barack"? Class- that's what it is.

5. Barack Obama keeps interrupting, "John". I think he's a little nervous that "John" has the goods on him.

6. Barack is talking about sending 2-3 more "brigades" (WTH?) into Iraq, b/c "There was no Al Qaeda before we went in there"???? He's self destructing.

7. Hey Barack- what's with the pink tie?

8. Obama on Pakistan, "Hey I went to a Madrasa there...." Just kidding. Notice the pronunciation by Obama- "Puk-i-stan". We know you're a native son. Really, you don't need to convince us.

9. Obama is trying to provoke McCain. It won't work.

10. McCain's face is screwed up. Even he doesn't know what "Senator Obama" is talking about.

11. McCain has a record going back to Lebanon and Somalia. I think Obama was still in diapers, or was still a community organizer or something.

12. If Barack Obama says, "When I'm president, I will...." one more time...

13. How many times has Obama travelled to the Middle East?

14. In speaking of Iran, has Obama aged 20 years during this debate or what????

15. With the discussion on Iran, McCain is now winning the Jewish American vote- and that's FL.

16. Does Obama realize how impotent he seems when he keeps saying, "When I'm president of the United States...." It looks pathetic. Delusional. Ineffective. Laughable.

17. Obama, "Iran is a global regime." WTH?

18. Is anyone doing a count of how many times Obama says "Uh"? I really hope so.

19. McCain just said, he doesn't have have a presidential seal yet. LOLOLOLOL

20. Russia comes up and Obama is too distraught to respond. McCain plays the Naivete card. Very effectively.

21. Obama is just working too hard. He thinks b/c he can say all these things, with the proper pronunciation, that people will think he knows things. Crimea, petro dollars, throw in a few states in Georgia and Obama thinks he's something. Newflash- you're not all that.

22. McCain is summarizing, "If we fail in Iraq it will encourage Al Qaeda...."

23. When Obama says, "Now look..." Do you want to jump down his throat? Or is it just me?

24. I think Obama is starting to believe that he is the Messiah, the media, the rhetoric surrounding his campaign, the Obama phenomenon.

25. McCain is now linking Obama and Bush. Brilliant.

26. Closing comments: McCain brilliancy- he knows how to end the war, heal the wounds of war, etc... and thus the debate ended. Sorry Obama, with an air of resignation he acknowledged Michelle- what is she wearing????

Verdict- McCain won. No question.


Anonymous said...

McCain definitely won. Though I disagree with most of his foreign policy positions, even the Obamatrons must have noticed McCain's huge advantage in experience. His knowledge of the situation in Pakistan really impressed me.

M. Alexander said...

McCain was phenomenal.

NCTradCatholic said...

No McCain fan here, for lotsa reasons. But can you just imagine the wounded indignance if Quayle had addressed Bentsen as "Lloyd" during the '88 debates?? And he wasn't even running for the top spot.