Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Good Twin/Bad Twin [Isn't this picture just the creepiest?]

...from the


where this intellectual giantess is threatening to report me the IRS (?) and I don't even think she knows about my anti-Semitism. Maybe I'll clue her in and she can report me to the Justice Department at the same time.

Non-Catholic, Anti-Catholic, No-longer-Catholic heretics:

Pacifists (aka cowards)
Call to Action
Pax Cristi
Anyone who quotes MLK Jr on their blog
Anyone who calls soldiers murderers (if only we had know that BEFORE we canonized St. Martin).
Anyone who links to the Maryknolls
Anyone who has this attractive picture of Sr. Helen Prejean on their website:




But don't worry- I can take it.


Laurie said...

I think, perhaps, Ms. O'Leary believes you are an official arm of the Church. If you have 501(c)3status, look out, you may must lose it! And if you really are an official arm of the Church, you may lose it for them, too.

Robert said...

I discovered your blog because Ms. O'Leary left a comment on my blog as well and I simply follow her tracks.
I've already become a fan of your blog, but I have to say I don't quite agree with you that men will not vote for the McCain/Palin ticket because of her gender.
I live in Georgia where the necks don't come any redder and I haven't heard any men criticizing Palin. As a matter of fact, I had planned on voting Libertarian as a protest against the Republicans picking McCain but I'm voting for him now because of his having picked Palin.
One other thing.......as for the Judith/Holofernes image; I like the painting by Caravaggio more, but otherwise I think you have a top notch blog.

M. Alexander said...

Hi Robert,
Welcome. In saying that men will not vote for the McCain/Palin ticket I was reacting to hearing this from local men and from certain bloggers that I have removed from my list of links. Men who I thought had more sense. I'm glad to hear that men in the south have more sense than we do up here in the North.

My sister prevailed upon me to chose the Caravaggio image too but I had saved this one and felt like I had to use it. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to use Caravaggio's someday too.

I too was going to vote 3rd party, probably Right to Life or something but with the Palin addition I changed my mind.
Thanks for saying checking in and saying hi.

Petrus said...

Robert - my point exactly. The Caravaggio one is soo poignant.

I think Mary's saving it for later :)

Robert said...

Please read this post http://sorryalltheclevernamesaretaken.blogspot.com/2008/09/political-bias-of-rome-news-tribune.html and send an email to the paper.