Monday, September 29, 2008

U.S. Senator Mike Gravel D, Alaska on Palin

You might be surprised.

If you enjoy watching interviewers befuddled and put in their place- you might like this piece.

It's nice to see someone in political disagreement with Palin but who still has the ability to be fair.

I found it at Ann Coulter's website.


Leila said...

I have to say that I watched Katie Couric interview Palin, and she was just terrible. Couric handled her as gently as possible and Palin sounded like someone desperately trying to have an opinion but too ignorant to even think up words. She sounded like a hockey mom who forgot to tune into the talk radio station on the way to the game.

She tanked completely. She scared me. Now I'm back to being indifferent about this ticket. At best.

Amadeo said...

Got to your site Googling for more Sarah Palin data, via Stony Creek blog.

Glad to feel at home among fellow Catholics.

I too have seen Sarah perform badly in her interviews, like she was not herself. But unlike many, instead of my support diminishing, I keep hoping and praying that she is allowed to be herself, and for her to feel comfortable and more at ease in this very big stage that she has been thrust into.

I know that she can do better, given not only her record in public life but because I have seen at least one video where she participated in a three-way round table debate when she ran for governor. And there she was good, and as cool as a cucumber.

There has to be great uneasiness on her part exposed to such a big audience, enough to disrupt her train of thoughts and abilities to think clearly.

Let us join hands....