Thursday, September 11, 2008

Totally Worth It

I realize there are some images here that one could quibble with but why do that when something so important is at stake. (You know who you are ;).

I think this is really masterful in what it conveys and the emotions it stirs as I watch this.

And for the person who has been steadily accusing me of anti-Semitism on his blog and in the many anonymous and pseudonymous comments- I hope you are satisfied. And I really hope you didn't think that I didn't know that you use a variety of aliases to attempt to post here and to actually post on your own blog. You're right it's not about you- it's about being a poster child for mental illness. Sir you have my sympathy and my pity but sadly not my respect.


Kathy O'Leary said...

Yesterday I received an email with a "grassroots video" produced by

The video and website, were produced by Fidelis. They have very strong ties to the Republican Party and to the McCain campaign. In February of this year they issued a press release endorsing John McCain for president and their website includes articles from Deal Hudson who is an advisor to the McCain campaign as a member of the “Catholic Outreach Committee”. They have given campaign contributions only to republicans and even supported republican Senator Rick Santorum over Bob Casey, a pro-life Catholic democrat, during the 2006 election cycle.

If you forward this video or link to the website in your official capacity you may be in violation of IRS regulations and Church policy. You will also be distributing materials that contradict Church teaching.

Among other things, the video glorifies US economic and military power. This runs contrary to Catholic Social Teaching which emphasizes a preferential option for the poor and solidarity. It also runs contrary to the Cathecism which teaches us that "Respect for and development of human life require peace."

There is more than one intrinsic evil at issue this year. They include genocide, racism, torture, targeting non-combatants and engaging in unjust wars. They are all life issues and they all require our attention as Catholics.

Whether we vote Republican or Democrat this year what defines us is that we are Catholic.

Don't let the political parties redefine what it means to be CATHOLIC.

Vote the Common Good!

Robert said...

This Kathy O'leary must be very busy....she's posted this same comment on several blogs that put in this video.
She is truly clueless.