Friday, September 12, 2008

Who's Afraid of Sarah Palin?

Hearing of Holofernes' plot, Judith, a widowed resident of Bethulia, put on beautiful clothes and jewelry and entered the Assyrian camp, purporting to be a spy against the Jewish people. She promised to tell Holofernes how to destroy the Jews; but when Holofernes became drunk at a celebration, she followed him into his tent and cut off his head.

This election is one that will separate the men from the boys and the boys from the eunuchs. I'm hearing men say to my astonishment, that they will not vote for the McCain/Palin ticket because Palin is a woman. That seems to me to be taking your own inferiority complex a little too far.

And by this attitude some husbands seem to believe that their wives are at home, tending to the children, cooking and sewing and cleaning because they are fit for little else and they are at home because of their "inferior" talents. Frightening isn't it? And that makes big strong men feel bigger and stronger.

Do these same men have a problem with the Co-Redemptrix of mankind? Is it possible that they miss the analogy of a woman defeating evil as part of God's plan?

As a good friend of mine has said, we've sent plenty of "pro-life" men to Washington and they have accomplished little to nothing. Perhaps God wants to try something different. The thought of a pro-life mother in the White House gives me the chills. What an opportunity.

Couched in a veneer of compassion I've heard people say, "If only she didn't have all those children." or "If only she didn't have a special needs baby."

If only! If only! That is the whole point! She has her babies because she is PRO-LIFE- get it?

So for those of you with your one talent (your vote) who are intent on burying it in the sand lest you lose it, you go right ahead. We don't need you. It's time for the rest of us to stand up for what is right. If you want to join us and stop hiding behind your own insecurities it would be a good time. Or carry on and insist upon your feelings of superiority. But let me tell you- you're not fooling anyone.

There are few things that irritate me more than misogyny disguised as respect for femininity.

And for those of you so "determined" to show your respect for the role of women, the role of mothers by not voting for someone who is pro-life, when is the last time that you refused to watch a movie because the leading actress had young children? Listen to music recorded by a singer with young children? Refused to watch a sitcom because the starring lead had young children that she was neglecting to pursue her acting?

That's exactly what I thought.


Anonymous said...

Well said Mary! I have waited a long time for people to realize the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Now this Mom can show these slow learners just how to do it! Sarah Palin follows the woman in Prov.31...Go get 'em Sarah. I would follow her into battle,how many real men would say that? Her patron should be St. Jean D'Arc. She will need all the angels protecting her and her family and I hope the Lord sends the warriors, n0t just the singers!

Lynne said...


Thank you Mary.

The comments on a not-to-be-named Catholic male's blog regarding Sarah Palin amaze me.

M. Alexander said...

Thanks Lynne,

You may have noticed that I removed that link. Shocking isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm liking this post. You definitely sound armed to the teeth!

Bexo said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Peg said...

Awesome! I wish we had such stalwart and passionate leaders here in Canada. I envy Americans.

Karen said...

So knowing now (ABC interview) that she thinks it's ok to murder an unborn baby cause a doc may say the mother's life is in danger.. you still call her pro-life?

M. Alexander said...

Prolife enough to help pick a prolife Supreme Court Judge. Prolife enough to bear her downs syndrome child. And prolife enough to be willing to criminalize 99.9 % of all abortions.

Being a fallen world I'll take it. I believe you save the lives you can rather than give up.

Karen said...

vp's pick and/or put in place supreme court judges? vp's have the power to criminalize abortion? aren't we giving her more power than she would actually have?

M. Alexander said...

I believe she will have input on selecting judges. She will also have the deciding vote if the Senate is split 50/50 and with McCain's age and 4 incidences of cancer she is pretty close to the presidency.

NCTradCatholic said...

We had better hope that the old womanizer either steps down or goes to his eternal reward shortly after he takes office. He has already said he will not use a pro-life "litmus test" in selecting judges. He helped the demoncrats sabotage the more conservative judges Bush initially nominated. The aging/ailing pro-aborts on the Court who want to retire will certainly hurry to do so, greatly preferring to have their replacements selected by McCain than by Palin. But then again, Mrs. Palin pledged not to sponsor pro-life legislation as governor, so maybe they can take their time. Pray that she returns to the one true Church.

Petrus said...

No politician is electable if he uses the term "litmus test". We shouldn't judge politicians by what they "say" but rather, by what they do.

I for one, am happy that she is standing up for the unborn of rape victims.

We can point out all the splinters in her eyes, but will that really turn the country around?

One of the real merits of Sarah Palin is that she represents a cultural shift in politics. She's not an old curmudgeon who gets paid to funnel money back to her hometown while she sits in her office and drinks martinis and smokes cigars.

Anonymous said...

Mary, there have been so many "untruths" proposed here by some of your commentators.
Here are some Truths that can not be fabricated into histrionics..
1.Palin is pro-life...and has proved it; Baby Trig.
2.McCain has the best voting record on life issues, and can prove it: his record.
McCain/Palin have a rocky road to travel with so called "pro life" friends like you have on this blog "aiding and abetting" the enemy to ram the "free choice" of abortion down our collective necks. You are brave indeed to show up these poor souls. All I can say to them and to join our voices is.. Wake up...he(McCain) and she (Palin) are the best we have right now to stem the infantacide holcaust. When you find the perfect party, or position and wish to join forces with it, it immediately becomes imperfect because you have joined. No one iS Perfect except Our Lord. Some are on the road to fulling God's order to attempt to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect, while others are tripping over the splinters in other's eyes, and the logs in theirs is making travelling very hard!

Karen said...

Palin MAY be the best we've got but you cannot call someone pro-life when they believe it is ok to murder a baby because a doctor may say a mother's life MAY be at risk. Why would she even admit that if it wasn't to cowtow to the other side? I would have more respect for her if she stood up and said she doesn't believe in murdering the unborn EVER for any reason. Sarah Palin isn't going to save this country. Only God will, IF He so chooses.

M. Alexander said...

I don't know of any conditions which are improved by therapeutic abortion. I don't think one exists. I think that when that phrase is used "abortion to save the life of the mother" what people are referring to is an ectopic pregnancy that is treated by removal of the tube. The Church allows this under the principle of second effect. I, and the Church don't consider that an abortion but to the media there is no difference.

Voting for Palin could mean the possibility of saving 99 babies. Voting for Obama, or allowing him to win by not voting will allow 200 babies to be killed.

Unfortunately I don't know of a candidate more prolife than Palin.

Jeff Culbreath said...

"Unfortunately I don't know of a candidate more prolife than Palin."

Sure you do, Mary. There's Alan Keyes, Chuck Baldwin, maybe even Bob Barr.

M. Alexander said...

Here's Alan Keyes on exception for the life of the mother:

Only exception is to preserve life of mother
I MAKE an exception only for the physical life of the mother. Given the unalienable right to life (i.e., self-preservation) I see no way in principle to avoid making this exception. I would ACCEPT the rape and incest exceptions only as a matter of political necessity if that is the best legislation we could achieve at the time. I see no grounds in principle for making these exceptions, but as a matter of political prudence it would be suicidal for the pro-life movement to reject these people.
Source: Letter to David Quackenbush Jun 30, 1995

M. Alexander said...

Bob Barr, Libertarian Party- well the party that wants to legalize drugs and does not mention abortion in its platform. How is that being prolife when you are not even a member of a prolife party? And the Libertarian website lists the ACLU as another organization defending freedom. Yeah.

Petrus said...

Also, the Libertarians do support abortion. They understand it as the woman has every right to do with her body what she wishes, including EXPELLING AN INVADING UNBORN CHILD. No kidding. That's sick.

Petrus said...

"Why would she even admit that if it wasn't to cowtow to the other side? "

Karen: have you seen what the other side wants? how many votes do you think that she is garnering by saying that she agrees with the Church that if there is a choice between one life or another, one may choose (principle of double effect).

This is politics, not a sermon. We need to be realistic. By quibbling over things like whether or not she is "pro-life" because she actually makes some distinctions is counter productive.

If this were a philosophical discussion, maybe I can see cutting these fine lines, but not in a political race.

How many votes can we garner by supporting her in 99% of her opinions? lots

How many votes do we give away by painting her "pro-death" with a broad brush because she is 1% wrong? lots

Karen said...

"saying that she agrees with the Church that if there is a choice between one life or another, one may choose (principle of double effect)."

Oh, IS that what she said? Or did she use the same terminology used by other supposed pro-lifers so that they don't TOTALLY turn off the pro-choicer voters?

M. Alexander said...

I don't know exactly what she SAID and I know don't exactly what she MEANT because my information comes through the filter of the media which I trust not at all. I hear the media frantic that she is taking away a woman's right to choose which makes me very happy to hear.

All I know is what she DID. When she had a baby with Down's Syndrome she gave him life. And that is what I am basing my vote on.

I live by the old,
"We are men of action. Lies do not become us."

philosophy immortalized by The Princess Bride. ;)

Karen said...

In the end, she is still a politician. She is not the Republican Messiah that everyone is making her out to be.

M. Alexander said...

Maybe not the Messiah but at least a miracle worker.

She brought John McCain back to life that's for sure! LOL

Karen said...

"brought McCain back to life.."

Mary, you are surely correct on that one! LOL

Bexo said...

I thought this was very well said, Mary. Good point!

Mary Said: "And for those of you so "determined" to show your respect for the role of women, the role of mothers by not voting for someone who is pro-life, when is the last time that you refused to watch a movie because the leading actress had young children? Listen to music recorded by a singer with young children? Refused to watch a sitcom because the starring lead had young children that she was neglecting to pursue her acting? "

bilbannon said...

M Alexander
While wishing that all campaign ads of both sides were forbidden in these elections as deceptive slants on truth,I too hope Palin wins (love her to death while seeing that like us, she is not Christ Himself...isn't it strange to watch the liberal media look for her sins in Alaska as they support abortion as "choice" rather than as an execution of a noisome pre born) but Mc Cain's speaking in cheerleading and generality mode will not help him or her win...and one can fear the debates when one sees how little he contradicted Joy Behar on the "View" with detail as to the actual sex education law in question... which alone works in such cases. His decision to go there was not good either if he was not going to fight back with detail (he should have asked the View women how many houses they had...or were invested in through REITS).
The Wall Street Journal (not the NY Times) this week reported on two non partisan groups that analyzed both candidates health care plans and both felt that McCain's would add very little of the uninsured to the insured rolls
(1 to 5 million) whereas Obama's would add about 37 million. Quite simply, a diner waitress cannot afford medical insurance of $5400 per year even if you give her a tax credit (better than a deduction) of $2500 since people on that income level are often using their credit card for car repairs and thus are always in debt anyway. Both candidates' plans would cost 1.3 trillion McCain/1.6 trillion Obama over ten years and so neither would pass congress given that the bank bailout has now spoken for any large expenses for the next ten years so both plans are the projection of a wish.

So I think Palin is linked with a candidate that could have more cards in the deck....but there is a lot of time....she is young for that ambition level.

The undecided in the swing states seem protean and fickle as one watches the polls after each new event change and that is not good for McCain who seems slow in his responses to such new challenges.

But Palin is now famous and that could redound to her being on the ticket in the future if Obama wins this bizarre campaign of daily changing allegiances.

Hilary said...

I don't support her because she's a woman.

What a stupid reason to support a politician.

I support her because she kills her own meat.

Anonymous said...

Reality check for all who hold the Roman Catholic Faith without the subtle contours of Americanism.

WWFD? What would Feeny do?

Palin will never once have to tackle the issue of abortion.
She can be pro-life all she wants - she'll be blessedly set into a Reagan groove and left harmlessly alone to sulk there (now THERE was a pro-life President! Why he even gave us Justice O'Connor, God bless him).

But back to my original point. The ultimate problem is that she has NO comprehension of the true Christian state. She is guided by Protestantism (which is NOT synonymous with the Christian Faith, remember); is herself a "rapture" believing, American-strain evangelical with Pentecostal DNA (YUCK!); and, with a dash of dispensationalism mixed in for good measure, holds that the state called Israel can do no wrong.

Black or white, male or female, you do NOT want a real, believing evangelical (gag) at the helm.

God grant perseverance to the Faithful in such a situation!


Anonymous said...

Whoa there, lady! I know a bunch of men who just love Sarah and can't hardly wait to vote for her. I don't know what part of the universe you live in, but here in flyover country, Sarah is OUR KINDA WOMAN!

If you're interested, here is a link to a guy kinda forum with over a thousand posts on the Sarah Palin thread.