Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Could it be?

The Excommunications Lifted?



Bella Vita said...


For whatever reason, I decided to just go through the list of Catholic bloggers and your blog name caught my interest. I like your blog and invite you to visit mine when time permists. . . we are all so very busy, it seems. I've also added you to my following blogs and sidebar. God bless you, Roz (aka Bella on "Our Beautiful Catholic Faith" blog) Keep up the great faithful work that you are doing!

Anonymous said...

The 'excommunication' has been lifted from the shoulders of the 4 Bishops of the SSPX!! It is a great day for the Church and the Trads everywhere!! Rejoice!! All of us in NC are offering prayers of thanks! Our millions of rosaries were accepted by Our Lady and accepted by the good Holy Father. (I think I will break open the Irish Mist!)

NCTradCatholic said...

In a word, yes.

BTW, "Anonymous" sounds a lot like TradCatholic. Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

I too am glad that this day has at last arrived.