Monday, January 12, 2009

David Clayton, Iconographer, Artist and Engineer

I had the privilege of meeting the new head of Thomas More College's Art Department this past weekend, David Clayton. On David Clayton's myspace page he has an interview about his conversion to the Faith and how he has studied and now teaches iconography. He was trained in Oxford and Florence and also has a master's degree in Engineering. He was even offered a job at a nuclear power plant.

This YouTube interview is fascinating.

Really an amazingly talented guy. I found this interview and comicly David Clayton is compared to the Archbishop Lefebrve of the art world! I found this coloring book about Angels illustrated by David Clayton and to order go here.

The art school founded by David Clayton is called the Ressource school of art and it is described here:

Traditional skills taught with rigour and discipline: naturalistic drawing in the academic method as used by the Old Masters; traditional principles of compositional design and sacred geometry; Byzantine iconography. Site contains information on teachers, the programs, and traveling tours. (Oxford, England UK)


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Mary, have you got a better URL for this school? All I get when I put it in is an automatic forward to a site called "second spring" and an advert for his angel colouring book. Nothing about his school of art.

Anonymous said...

Thomas More College (NH) Launches Sacred Art Program

(1/29/09) "The preservation of the sacred Catholic artistic tradition will be my guiding light..."

The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts (TMC) in Merrimack, New Hampshire, has announced the launch of its “Way of Beauty Art Program.” David Clayton, an artist from Great Britain who is trained in Eastern and Western styles of Christian art, will lead the new program. “The preservation of the sacred Catholic artistic tradition,” Clayton explained, “will be my guiding light as I serve Thomas More College and the Holy Catholic Church. I am especially looking forward to mentoring this generation of Catholic artists so that they can contribute to a new flourishing of the traditions of their predecessors, producing art that adheres to the timeless and sacred principles that comprise beautiful art, and which moves the hearts of those who see it to love of God and fellow man.” TMC plans for art-oriented campus lectures and mentorships. They also foresee a fine arts major being offered at the College, with the final two years of coursework dedicated primarily to artistic study. The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College remarks that “Thomas More College has long emphasized its intellectual offerings and has recently strengthened its already notable Catholic identity.”


Written By: CNSweb
Date Posted: 1/29/2009

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This interview is so boring. I didn't understand what he was talking about. I got distracted by the immensity of this boredom.

bored anon

M. Alexander said...

Dear Anonymous,
don't be such a baby.

No one held a gun to your head while you watched this video.

Grow up.

Anonymous said...
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Jerry said...

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Anonymous said...
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Mrs. O'Riordan said...

This is very exciting. Thank you. As mother Theresa said "do something beautiful for God" - Blessings - Rene

Anonymous said...

I agree with bored anon and M alexander sounds dangerous talking about guns. i have heard of this david clayton. the painting are very blands and lacks any sense of joy. He has little vision of what iconography is abouts and I have to say that I don't think he can keep up the charade games any longer.
carlos d'silva