Friday, January 02, 2009

Rosa Mystica : Another Medical Mission to the Phillipines

This is a picture of my daughter Anastasia, it was her job to hold the patient's head while the patient was having teeth pulled.

She's going back this August!

For a link for more information- go here.


Robert said...

Being married to a Filipina and having been to Philippines several times, I followed the link you provided to see where your daughter went.
From what I gather, she was in General Santos.
Dental work isn't that primitive everywhere in the country. Believe it or not, I know a American who traveled to Manila to take advantage of the low cost of dental work.

M. Alexander said...

The reason that the conditions are a bit more primitive is that the dental and medical care given were free to people. If someone came and needed a specialist appointment the doctors had gotten free vouchers for the patients to go to a local specialist for free.

It was indeed General Santos. This year they will be going to a different location, a bit more poor but with less Muslim terrorism.

Where is your lovely wife from?

Thomas Shawn said...

God Bless your daughter. I just got back from the Philippines. I was mainly in Malaybalay City about a few hundred miles north of where your daughter is. Hopefully she can get some downtime in the nearby lovely city of Davao. Ask her if she tried any durian!

I think one of the things that plagues the Philippines is lack of flouride in the water. There may be a cultural issue, too. I've even run into PhilAm children in America and their teetch are rotting out of their heads. The parents are just not bothering to brush the teeth of their children.

Ran into the same thing with children in the Philippines from working class families that ostensibly should be able to afford tooth brushes and some Colgate. Somehow the whole tooth brushing thing is not going on.

I can back up Robert's claim. Our local dentist said he was impressed by the quality of my wifey's work (which can be had for 5 cents on the dollar.)

Anonymous said...

I have all my teeth pulled in the Philippines.
Maybe I'll see her and give my regards.

I just hope her group is generous with the Lortab prescription afterwards.

Otherwise, I'm taking my remaining teeth to Bangkok.


Robert said...

My wife is from the small town of Sibulan on the island of Negros not for from Dumaguete.
One of the problems Philippines has viz a viz medical treatment is that many of the doctors end up leaving the country.(my son's pediatrician is from General Santos by way of Cebu).
I's not just about money, however. Safety is a big issue. No one who has an option, wants to raise their children in an area as dangerous as the Moslem areas of Mindanao.

Petrus said...

Maybe someone wants to contribute to Ana's trip. Could they send you money via PayPal?