Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ashes to Go

When a friend first sent this picture, taken in St. Louis, MO, I was a little surprised. Even given the concept of going out to the highways and byways this is stretching it. Then looking closer I wondered if the "ministers" were Catholic priests or imposters. One appears to be wearing bedroom slippers. And you can't help but notice the young woman in the picture reaching into her purse? For the donation jar? Just how much does the convenience of "Ashes on the go" cost?

When I googled it to see if this outfit was Catholic I was somewhat relieved to come upon this website actually taking credit for this brainstorm- St. James Episcopal Church

It's always a relief when we don't have to claim whatever current lunancy is on display. But that relief is just more evidence of how rockbottom my expectations have become.

Running this "ministry" is Pastor Teresa, seen below.

It's sad to see how the Episcopalians have created voodoo versions of the real Sacraments. Instead of "Our Daily Bread" they are selling "Daily Brew" coffee. Religion is all about worshipping how wonderful we are in our "diversity, inclusiveness, nonjudgmental attitudes, compassion for the poor, assistance to minorities and has absolutely nothing to do with worshipping God. Because if we worship God we might have to admit that He exists and then that we have to obey Him.

And that would never work.

And in Boston we have our own "Contraband Ashes" problem.

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Curmudgeon said...

Mary, I think that's the required haircut for episcopalian priestesses these days. Really.