Sunday, February 18, 2007

A New England Artist

This is the mural I have decided to paint on the dining room wall of our 1850 farmhouse. Painted by Rufus Porter, a fascinating figure whom you can about here.

Here you can see the murals that he has painted . (Apologies- it is a dreaded pdf file.)

The style is Early American Primitive which is very appealing to me right now.

Rufus Porter was an interesting figure who was an inventor as well as an artist. In at least one mural he included a masonic symbol. I suppose it is possible he included the symbol at the behest of the homeowner.

My admiration for the early American settlers and founders has been very tried by the acknowledgment of their masonic loyalties. Where does that leave someone (like me) who is very patriotic?

I love New England and I love living in New England but aside from Orestes Brownson there isn't much Catholic identity.

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MaryT said...

I think the pdf is good. I like it, simple and restful.


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