Sunday, February 18, 2007


The Anglicans are coming, the anglicans are coming...

Welcome home.


hilary said...

Joiks! This is some big news. Spare a prayer or two that the Romans don't fumble the ball on some kind of "ecumenism" grounds the way they did when the Anglos were "ordaining" women and the conservatives wanted an Anglican Use liturgy and permission to come aboard in batch lots.

Another thing: this is yet another bit of evidence that the world is lining up on either side of a vasty gulf, over which it is going to become increasingly dangerous and difficult to jump.

Rob said...

Good news. It sounds awful at first, but then you realize that 78 million people are finally being given a clear choice: to save their souls or damn them.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't get your hopes up this is really very unlikely to happen for all sorts of reasons. The whole thing is based on a number of faulty assumptions. If they're leaving because they think Rome does not ordain homosexuals, they're going to be disappointed. They're going to be further disappointed if they think Rome will simply say 'yes'. In the UK when a large number of Anglicans left over the ordination of women the late (great) Cardinal Hume had to disabuse them about how happy Rome might be at such a prospect

Tradcatholic said...

Well, I for one am rejoicing that they are returning, if indeed that is what they are doing. Their liturgies on the surface remained much more reverent than the run of the mill NO 'worship services' which I have had the misfortune to attend. Maybe they can bring a spark of propriety to the scene. Imagine the 78,000,000 more Rosaries which will be said daily once they grasp the real beauty and mission of Our Lady! And, I'll bet THEY don't go to Church on Sunday in tight jeans and tee shirts! And the women don't come in their 'best' pants suit either! Hallulia! We're SAVED! Oh yes, and they're saved too!

Nick said...

What do you call a person who starts a rumour?
What do you call a person who repeats a rumour?
What do you call a person who believes a rumour?

Ruth Gledhill, the author of the article originally published in the Times of London, has seriously distorted the document that she later leaked. Her exaggerations have been described by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, as “remarkably garbled.”

There has been a clarification issued by IARCCUM, the group that drafted the report that Gledhill was referring to. When the complete text is issued it will be obvious that there is nothing in the text that suggests that a reunion or reconciliation is immanent between these two churches. The report actually calls for cooperation and common mission in similar ways and forms as earlier documents from the past 40 years. There’s nothing new here. In fact, people will be somewhat disappointed because it is not calling for more.

I’m not saying this simply because I trust the IARCCUM participants, although I do. I have read the text and I know it is not what Gledhill said.

vaguely buddhist anglican said...

I am a typical Anglican. I was baptised into the CofE because my grandparents were Anglicans. My parents weren't all that concerned one way or another and we used to attend church on average once every two years (four wheel Anglicans - pram, taxi and hearse)

Like the third programme, it was reasuring to note that the CofE was there, even if you didn't listen to it yourself.

When I married and had kids we used to attend church more regularly, at least twice at Christmas in addition to the obligatory hatched, matched and dispatched. Some times we went to church four or five times a year, although theologically and philosophically I had long since become Buddhist (not that being Buddhist excludes you from being Anglican)

However I'm now wondering if we're into a lose it or use it situation - the CofE is fading out and the thing that really scares me is that it's being replaced by Islam.

Most of the Anglican clergy don't seem to have a clue about Islam and are destined for dhimmitude. Maybe some sort of unification under Pope Benedict (who knows the nature of the Islamic beast in the same way that his predecessor was acquainted with Stalinism) is the only way forward.

Petrus said...


Very interesting perspective. Thank you.

Doesn't the idea of being subsumed into the ONE and losing all personal identity when reaching Nirvana contradict with the Anglican idea of heaven and personal salvation?

Granted, I don't know that much about Buddhism or CofE, but it would certainly clash with Catholicism.

Interesting. Thanks.