Monday, February 19, 2007

Project Cuddle

Today while in the Vet's office, where I arrived exactly one hour early for our 2pm appt, I read about this organization in the most unlikely of places. People Magazine.

Founded by Debbie Magnus, Project Cuddle began when she heard about a baby who had been abandoned not five minutes from her house and died of exposure. She thought to herself- why didn't they give the baby to me? So far 564 babies have been saved by Project Cuddle.

I'm sure if you delved into it you could find something wrong with this organization. But why would you want to? They are saving babies who would be otherwise abandoned.

The website is here. Make a donation. Shop in the boutique. Get the calendar.


Anonymous said...

"I'm sure if you delved into it you could find something wrong with this organization. But why would you want to?"

I like that. If it's bad, it'll come out. Save the baby.

Anonymous said...

I just watched about Project Cuddle on Oprah. I think its great and America needs to be able to save their own children.

Anonymous said...

I have just watched about this amazing project on Oprah!! God placed a misson on my heart like this a few years ago and I have never known how to start it up!! I would love to get involved in this awesome project!! Keep up your strength Debbie, you are doing amazing things!!

Anonymous said...

Debbie, is nothing but an angel.I saw Oprah as well and I was glad she did the show because it got alot of ppl aware of what one can do , if they put they mind and heart into it... and it is beautiful

I would love to know more about it...bcoz I would like to start a "project cuddle" here in South Africa... Because I do not believe in abotion..

keep doing what ypu are doing and God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Here I was sitting in a doctors office flipping through a magazine, and there was information about project cuddle. It immediately sparked my attention. My husband and I have tried everything known to mankind to have a baby and are now looking to adopt. So I was thrilled to see an organization that promotes adoption as opposed to abortion or abandonment. I'm definitely going to get more involved in PROJECT CUDDLE!! What a perfect name as well....Terri