Monday, February 26, 2007

Thank you Bishop Finn

For explaining how serious a sin is looking at pornography


Rusty said...

Just wondering about the significance of the photo you included.

M. Alexander said...

What happened when a man looked upon Medusa?

What was once beautiful became corrupt and those who looked upon her were turned to stone (an image of death and sin).

Edward said...

It's Madonna.
Touring again, is she?

Anonymous said...

Bishop Finn is a blow hard.

The Catholic Church IS PORNOGRAPHIC.

It accepts and encourages divorces, remarriages and adultery as well as the complete enslavement of innocent spouses and children when it REFUSES to EXCOMMUNICATE every single unjust divorcee and every single person who cooperates with them, including the POPE for not unilaterally making this canon law!!!

Correction, Bishop Finn is an idiot! So is the Pope! They are both HERETICS!

surgite et coffeam olfacite said...

Wow anon makes some really lucid statements here. . . (sarcasm and eyes rolling) Nothing like someone who knows how to make a bold statement and back it up.

Dust I Am said...

Both Bishops from the Greater Kansas City Area are publicly fighting pornography. Click here for what Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann is doing.

bethalice said...

ROFLOL at the Madonna statement!

As for anonymous' statement, the fact he/she signed in anonymous invalidates the whole statement.\

~bethalice, a Bishop Finn fan, and one of the faithful in his diocese.