Friday, March 23, 2007

Ave Maria does a 180

Yesterday, Fr. Fessio was out. Asked to submit his resignation and leave campus immediately. Classy.

, Fr. has been designated the theologian in residence.

Theories for the rapid reversal-

- student protests
- threats from donors to withdraw support
- intervention by Rome

But we still don't know why the initial firing was done. One theory was that liturgically Fr. Fessio was too traditional and he was getting in the way of the Steubbies who were trying to take over.

Whenever Ave Maria calls to try to convince my daughter to attend there I always ask if there is a Latin Mass on campus and I get this nonsense about a Novus Ordo in Latin. N.B. save yourselves the bother trying to acknowledge that there is a problem with the liturgy and then refusing to do anything substantive about it.

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