Sunday, March 18, 2007

Casting Pearls before Swine.

Fr. Enteneur attempts an intervention.

The background:

Sean Hannity is an Idiot.

And what is Fr. Jonathon Morris's excuse? Do the Legionnaire's serve God, the Catholic Church or Fox News?

Well, it's all too obvious I'm afraid.


Tradcatholic said...

IDIOT is one word for him. I like HERETIC better, though, or IGNORAMUS or something like PRETENDER may due. On the radio last week, he was spouting forth saying that if a priest denied him Communion (I am surprised he didn't say "the wafer")he would leave the Catholic Church and find another one. He must be one of those 'warm and fuzzy' trads. What a brave priest Fr. E was to stick to the teaching of the Church in the midst of insults. I guess Hannity's 'logic' was that if priests can thumb their perverted noses at Church 'rules'(Commandments?) then Sean doesn't have to obey either! He not to understand the PUBLIC SCANDAL he gives...the TRUTH is an all or none policy. we know why he is -EX? Humm

NCTradCatholic said...

He went to a seminary PREP school (i.e. high school), the vast majority of graduates of which did not enter actual seminaries. He was a tad disingenuous to claim that he went to a "seminary". The previous bishop (John McGann, Long Island) eventually decided not to continue supporting the school, so the place is now a home for retired priests of the infamous Rockville Center diocese. The bishop has been known to hide pedophile priests there, even while allowing the "indult" Mass to be offered in the same drab looking facility. Some of the young families attending that Mass with their children were so outraged to learn of the pedophiles living there, that they switched to the SSPX chapel! Way to go, Excellency.

M. Alexander said...

And what does going to a seminary have to do with anything? That should give him less reason to be a heretic and not more!

Edward said...

Well, Mary, it depends on what his circumstances were.
I was a seminarian (I mean an adult) for my diocese for over two years, and I can tell you that if the gift of Faith given to me by Our Lord had not been sustained likewise by Him, I might very well have lost it.
The place was infested by sodomites almost to a man; not to mention the outright heresy I was being taught to follow and admire.

But this is in the past.
I was not called to be a priest in the first place.
But for those who perhaps were weaker than myself, such seminary experience could have very well destroyed, not only a vocation, but the retention of Faith itself.