Saturday, March 31, 2007

O Sacrament Most Holy, O Sacrament Divine

First Holy Communion season is nearly upon us and instead of the normal controversies-

- dresses that are tarty
- Whether the Sacrament of Confession will be received first
- Whether the children scheduled to receive the Sacrament have been properly prepared

I found a new wrinkle.

Purely Yours

these ridiculous looking co-presider costumes.

They advertise the benefits-

- everyone looking the same (why not overalls featured by the Chinese Communists?)
- savings (though they are $60 each)
- and most importantly from their website:

Our children are all special and all children deserve to be treated equally regardless of the clothes they wear. We are all equal in God's eyes and this philosophy is what led to the creation of the PurelyYou Personalized First Communion Robe.

First Communion is about you... PurelyYou.

Obviously this company has tapped into the essence of what the Sacrament is all about.


Chesterton said...

Now,I found this one day on a site for 1st Communion attire:

..."Let DressKids take the stress out of getting your little girl’s first communion dress. Everyone will notice how great she looks and no one will know how little you paid. Your daughter’s first holy communion will impress everyone when she wears a holy communion dress and 1st communion veil from our amazing selection."'s all about ME ME ME ! Where are the presents already?!?

Now, in fairness, perhaps you are too critical of the cutesy one size fits all "co-presider" costumes...these smiley kids may be only Protestants, and not REALLY have HOLY Communion anyway, so what difference does it make?? (Maybe you really ARE mean, hateful, and full of spite! LOL

PS: BTW..How are we so sure that WE ARE ALL EQUAL IN GOD'S EYES as the ad says...and its corollary...GOD LOVES US JUST THE WAY WE ARE...??

Tish said...

*sigh* The ugliness of these robes for me is in the fact that they reflect the "we are church" mentality. The indoctrination of children into the belief that there really isn't a higher priesthood above and beyond the laity 'priesthood' is the main reason for these monstrosities.

The honor of God comes before all else. The dressing up in a special manner for this occassion is meant to honor God. Making first communion attire a 'cookie cutter' affair to spare people's feelings simply underscores the lamentable state our churches have reduced themselves into this 'we are church' rot

qlinger said...

zI am sorry but I don't quite agree with you on this one. Yes they are ugly but I see the point in them. While living in Europe I was shocked to hear the Bishops come out with a mandate that all first communican candidates were to wear their school uniforms from now on. They said that it was brought to there attention that women were prostituting themselves to able to pay for their sons or daughters parties and outfits. Of course I didn't beleive it until I heard the general outcry from the parents. Mothers were doing it with their husbands permission as it was a status statement, the bigger the party the fancier the dress or silk suite the better off you were. THen I heard a priest talk about how as he gave first communion to a certain young girl her crown lit up like a halo just at the righ moment, her father had a remote control. Now it may be a different story here...

M. Alexander said...

Qlinger wrote:

"They said that it was brought to there attention that women were prostituting themselves to able to pay for their sons or daughters parties and outfits."

The failure is with the mother who is prostituting herself for a First Holy Communion Dress- hello! Is there a disconnect there of mammoth proportions?

It's called secularism and materialism. And the failing is on the part of the people acting immorally and illegally.

Borrow a First Holy Communion dress or suit (I have). Sew one. One account I read said that theonly new outift ever received by a child might be their First Holy Communion outfit- it goes to the importance of the Sacrament.

Tradcatholic said...

To add a personal note to qlinger's comment, the 1st Communion kids in Ireland where I lived for a time, look forward with panting anticipation to the reception of the Sacrament -or rather to the party afterward where they RAKE IN THE LOOT! All they talk about for days is how much money they received, and compare the take with other children. It is payday for them...and her I speak of big money, several hundred in many cases. For the month after the solemn event, they wear their 1st communion outfit everywhere! More money comes even from strangers! The devil will do anything to distract even little children from the beauty of the day.