Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I just received this clarification and correction from Fr. Thomas Kocik in the comment section regarding the post: Face East Young Man.

Fr. Kocik writes:

Just a couple points of clarification. The "indult Mass" in the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts, is celebrated in Holy Redeemer Parish, at the chapel of Our Lady of Grace, in Chatham (on Cape Cod). I was not forbidden to celebrate the indult Mass there; rather, when I expressed to the bishop my willingness to do so, I was told that another priest (retired) had been asked to do so; he resides in the parish. Also, Chatham is not just "a few miles" from me; I am in Fall River (the see city), which is more than an hour's drive.

I apologize for my mischaracterization and hope it has not caused any difficulties for Fr. Kocik.

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Tradcatholic said...

Thanks Father! Wouldn't it be great if this priest could say the Latin Mass in some OTHER Church of the diocese of Fall River. Is it written that only ONE Latin Mass can be said? Bishop Coleman needs to be loosened up in this matter of tradition! Sometimes I think that he thinks that we will dry up and blow away if he hides. NEWS FLASH- wake up and smell the incense, Bishop!!