Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Theme of the day...

... is abortion apparently. Saw this on Drudge- post abortion greeting cards brought to you by the compassionate women at Exhale.

Especially caring.

I can think of a few words. But I won't say them.

I really wished they had used the word "unconditional love" because you know God must have really wanted you to have that abortion and if it's okay with God, it's okay with me. Okay.

And abortion as a "transition". That's so hip, so now.

I hope they're working on the "Sympathy" cards for those relatives who make the choice to euthanize their loved ones.

I'm just overwhelmed at these modern expressions of caring. Everywhere you look it's just love, love, love.


qlinger said...

I worked in a card shop a few years ago and a women came in looking for a "Thank You" card for birth mother of her newly adopted daughter. Needless to say there aren't any.

Edward said...


I'd like to be angry, cynically amused, incredulous, any number of things, but...

They're just so INCREDIBLY inane as to defy any reaction at all.

It is like watching a dog lick its behind and trying to find therein the principle of the Trinity.

I mean it. Really. What does one DO with something like this?

Steve said...

Guess this was a theme. I blogged about it too.

M. Alexander said...

So did Domenic Bettinelli- just a few hours after I did and he even used the term, I'm okay, you're okay.

I hate it when he does that.

I just want him to know that I know that he knows that I know.

Tradcatholic said...

What mixed up lives people let themselves live! Rush (yes, I listen at the AFB)remarked about these pathetic cards- he thought that they should produce some cards addressed to the killed baby (for those of you in Rio Linda = aborted fetuses) like..."Miss you, wish you were here" or "Sorry, I missed your Birthday" (that was my idea). I have a better idea. How about sending cards to aborters like,, I won't say it.I must understand how hard it is to make the decision to kill your child in the womb! Love the sinner, hate the sin. That will do.

NCTradCatholic said...

But he does have "more fun than a human being should be allowed to have"!

elena maria vidal said...

Totally obscene. And bad taste to boot.