Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Don't Understand....

why I can't convince Catholics that this is a bad idea.
Fresh from their First Holy Communion, and perhaps as a follow up, you can attend a Mother/Daughter fertility awareness day. Doesn't it sound wonderful?

Naturally it would be held in the St. Gerard Room.

And some people are still defending Teenstar

And this:Any other so-called Catholic sex ed.

If we know this doesn't it stand to reason that taking nine year old girls and teaching them about "their fertility" is bad?

No, I guess not.

It makes me wonder why our parents fought off the pollution of Planned Parenthood's sex education only to have our generation go along with this nonsense. Is it guilt? Defensiveness? Is it Catholic parents who cannot imagine getting along in life without the contraceptive benefits of NFP so they must make sure their daughers are indoctrinated early?

I mean haven't these people read Brave New World?


Edward said...

What can I say?
The "feminist" movement is the single greatest con to ever have been produced from the deepest bowls of Hell.
Women are fed the line that they enjoy greater "liberation" than they have ever had, AND THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT!
Hardly do they realize that they are becoming little by little. more and more ENSLAVED: and a slavery very much like (if not actually worse) than that which they were subjected to in the world's long, gloomy history before the Blessed Incarnation, when ONE woman's completely free love altered everything and set the course of EVERY woman's dignity (as well as that of us all) into effect.
Read "Women In The Days Of The Cathedrals" by the distinguished French historian Regine Pernoud to discover just what was the degree of respect and influence which women in the Christian West ONCE maintained, and how far they have declined.

Madeline said...

It is no wonder the state of society when you consider how many children have been victims of sexual abuse in the classroom, through the means of sex-ed. Sadly, many victims grow up to become perpetrators.

Thomas Shawn said...

Hmm, unseemly, that's the word that comes to my mind.

Who is Eileen Wood and what qualifications does she have to do this and do this in a parish setting? What, is she some sort of uber-mom.

This comes accross like contract-parenting for the parents who don't really feel like it.

Thomas Shawn said...

Mary -

Good job at nailing Bettinelli. He immediately resorted to the "you didn't read what I wrote" tactic and when that didn't work he moved over his usual ambiguous neo-Catholic wordsmithing.

Thanks for bringing up Popchak, the neo-Catholic, charting weirdo.

Domenico said...

Well, Thomas, in fact she didn't read what I wrote since I had said I wasn't convinced that teaching girls charting was a good idea. So no "nailing" here, and God bless you too for your charitable words.

And Mary you seem to have distorted this into sex ed. It is not. It is teaching girls their own biology. You can learn about your cycle without having to learn the mechanics of how it relates to sex. Sheesh, even I know this and I'm a guy.

And no one's saying you have to do this with 9-year-olds. Why not 16-year-olds? Again, I may end up agreeing with you, but your attitude and ad hominem method of argumentation makes that increasingly unlikely.

Seems like some people go looking for trouble.

Petrus said...

16 may be even worse than 9 years old... and if you don't know that, then you don't know 16 year olds.

Why do we as single women have to spend our time thinking about whether or not we are fertile? You obviously don't know how a woman's mind works, but it goes something like this: Hmm... better do my chart today, oh look, I could have a baby right now. wouldn't that be cute? it can't be that hard, suzie down the street did it and she even got to get married and didn't have to finish high school. gee, I really wish I didn't have homework to do. There is that cute boy in my biology class, and even though he has a bad reputation, he does seem to like me. what if we had a baby? maybe I'll give him my phone number when he asks today.

See, its an idiotic idea.

ablondeblogger said...

I was a student of the sex ed movement. I got pregnant at 16.

I've been determined to bring my children up the old-fashioned way and so far, my 17-year-old daughter is still a virgin and plans to stay that way until she's married. (this was proven with some recent gyno difficulties she had....they couldn't do a certain test on her because she's a virgin)

So, no one can ever convince me that traditional methods aren't successful. Just look at the pregnancy rates since the implementation of sex ed in schools for proof (and they began to drop shortly after abstinence only programs were started....the truth speaks for itself).

Anonymous said...

Unseemly is the word. I feel the same way about children knowing anything about abortion, even if they are being taught that it is evil. They shouldnt' even know it exists!

M. Alexander said...


At what age do you think that children should be taught about abortion?

I too wish that it didn't exist!

Steve said...

Sorry Dom, I have to agree with Mary too. Fertility ed is sex ed, even if it isn't the whole picture.

Fertility without sex is absolutely meaningless, and not something a kid needs to know.

No one's saying, "Don't teach a pre-pubsescent girl that in a year or two she'll be having a period." That would be ridiculous. But fertility training takes it to another level entirely.

Steve said...

I should have said that fertility is not something a kid needs to know about in depth. Knowing that it's part of your cycle is one thing.

Knowing how to chart it to anticipate fertile and infertile periods is something else.

Thomas Shawn said...

Dom -

Your facility at wordplay and your ability to escape the obvious is evident for all to see.

First off, how do you really know what Mary read or Mary did not read? You refuse to admit that your words can be taken any number of ways.

Assertion: charting for fertility is not sexual education. By what other activity does fertility come into play? Intellectual activity? Spiritual activity? or perhaps ... Sexual activity?

By using the word "nailed" it could only be uncharitable to Mary as a harsh description of her efforts. It has no reflection on you one way or the other.

If you don't understand the unseemliness of contaminating a 16 year old's mind with "maximum fertility days" then you just do not get it.

A 16 year old needs to be armed with the emotional tools to practice chastity, to be proud of it and know how to counteract the social pressures of those who are immoral.

I'll teach my children to look down on their peers who are sexually active and to avoid them. They're diseased in the mind and are very likely to be carrying a few things, too.

I'll pose this question: Are the ends of this excitement about NFP and charting directed at maximizing the size of the Catholic families or about minimizing them?

Either way, it is no business of any 16 year old (restating the obvious).

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

There seems to be an awful lot about natural family planning, that isn't, well, too natural...

I assume that those who teach this and related matters make 100% sure per HV etc. they teach that it is illicit to use NFP unless one falls within certain narrowly-defined classes?


That's why all the newly-weds show up for NFP classes.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Alexander:

It depends on the circumstances, don't you think? Under some circumstances children will have to be told earlier than what would be ideal. I don't think it's appropriate in general for children to know about it however anymore than it's appropriate for them to know about the Chinese government harvesting the organs of condemned prisoners or about any other peculiar modern atrocity. To a mind formed in a good home, abortion is an obvious evil, and a culture that is so full of this evil is obviously sick. I'd rather see a generation that is shocked and sickened by what they see in the world in early adulthood than one that is hardened and calloused by being taught the right responses as children.