Wednesday, July 04, 2007

And Speaking of Traditional Homemaking...

...did you know that vintage aprons are ALL THE RAGE?

All these images are of vintage aprons available on Ebay.
Wouldn't this be darling as a mother/daughter apron set?

And the very best aprons have rick rack. Next to polka dots, nothing says femininity like rick rack.

This final apron is made of checked green and white gingham with hand sewn embrodiery in an Ohio Star pattern.

Hours of work and skill went into this apron. All to have spaghetti sauce splashed all over it. Ahh, the life of the homemaker. All the glamor it affords it sometimes in the apron you wear.


Anonymous said...


I love this post, and must admit I love wearing aprons...though I only have one, and often forget to use it. The mother/daughter set is adorable, and though God has blessed us abundantly with only boys, they love it when I wear skirts and's so feminine, they always comment on how beautiful I look. You have inspired me to shop for another one, with color and more frills, and maybe even bake a loaf or two.

Oh, and my mouth is watering for your jams and make the best!:)

Anonymous said...

Ditto Mary,

But I have to own up to having more than one apron. For me having only one apron would be like having only one kitchen knife!!!!
I will say I wear my aprons constantly so I have a few different styles. However the vintage aprons, that,as you say,are so popular now are my favorite. If you read this Google "Edwardian apron" and see my fav. apron style. I also like bib aprons with a shoulder and hem ruffle for a very feminine entertaining apron.