Friday, July 27, 2007

What's Everyone Doing?

The Whirlwind: painting by Michael Lightsey.

Someone on our Catholic Restorationist's web ring asked what everyone is doing since no one seems to be posting much of anything. (I plead guilty as charged.) And while responding with the list I thought I would post it here just to change the look of the thing.

We had a copperhead in the kitchen 2 days ago and a bat in the house last week.

I just quit a part time evening job and am looking forward to being poorer, home and hopefully prolific.

Strep and conjunctivitis have ravaged the house.

Other medical woes include my 12 year old son with an eye swollen shut. He was stung by a wasp 2 days ago.

My oldest daughter is getting ready to go to the Philippines on a Medical Missionary trip. (she's 17). and my oldest son (13) is getting ready for Boot Camp with the Sea Cadets at Camp Edwards, MA.

My sisters just got back from a monthlong pilgrimage to Compostella, Spain and I'll be visiting with them today to hear about the trip.

And our 1870s Farmhouse is deteriorating faster than we can fix it up- LOL. Naturally the kids are working on the side of decay and destruction.

Our cottage tenant is getting married in less than a week and we will be installing a new kitchen floor, (to replace the nailed down linoleum circa 1940 that graces it now) for their "House of Dreams".

The garden is being overrun with weeds and organic pests. Sigh.

I'm sewing a little prairie dress with bloomers for my two year old and have just ordered a pattern for my 15 year old daughter's Confirmation- a 1950s Butterick semi formal. (Yes, we will be adding sleeves).

And someone recommended this website- Mormon formal dresses that are formal (though some could use a bit higher neckline) and so dreamy. It always annoys me when the Mormons or the Evangelicals or anyone else is out in front on this instead of us.

When does life slow down? And will I be sorry when it does?


Petrus said...

After visiting today, I fully expect a wicked awesome post on the Camino :)

Lily said...

I'm intrigued! Can't wait to see the post.

Sounds like you've been rather busy, Mary. Summer is fun, but it can be oh so very exhausting.

I've been working all summer myself. A few prayers for some dollars to start coming in for the efforts would be great. Freelance writing. I would love for the research and the writing to start paying, lol. Have you ever done any freelance writing?