Sunday, July 08, 2007

Motu Proprio: the Pope's outreach to the Mentally Ill

"...a lot of crazy people are now going to come out of the woodwork, people who are discontent with the way the church has gone for the last 40 years...."

Rev. John F. Baldovin , a professor of historical and liturgical theology at the Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge.

The Boston Globe
in their usual, "we have no idea what we're talking about but people read us anyway" brand of journalism on the Motu Propio. We are reassured that nothing will change and that if any crazed Traditionalists are nervy enough to ask for the Latin Mass the diocese is ready. Ready to say no. Unless you're a schismatic sedevacantist in which case they may think about it.

Check out this statement- I've highlighted the important words:

"Clearly, the pope is attempting to respond pastorally to a small group of disaffected former Catholics who were very disturbed by the Vatican II liturgical reforms, but potentially this runs the risk of being misinterpreted as calling into question the Second Vatican Council," said the Rev. Keith J. Pecklers , a professor of liturgy at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

And finally:

Some scholars fear that advocates of the Latin Mass also want the Vatican to roll back its efforts at interfaith and ecumenical relations, lay participation, and other changes since the Second Vatican Council. And the Anti-Defamation League has objected to wider use of the old rite because it includes on Good Friday a prayer for the conversion of the Jews.

Desiring to worship according to the Latin Mass is a transparent way of proving that you are anti-Semitic just like saying, "Merry Christmas" and praying for someone's conversion- just another hate crime.

We haven't been able to fool anyone. The Globe has seen right through us- crazy, disturbed, disaffected, anti-Semites. The only thing left to look forward to now is an editorial by James Carroll.


Dymphna said...

Ignore these people. Let's just rejoice at the best thing to happen in 40 years.

tradcatholic said...

Yes, 40 years! The best that happened in those years was Ab Lefebvre holding out for the TLM with the FSSSPX.With the bishops stinginess with the TLM in the past, many have been deprived of their RITE! We pray for all those priests who have been offering the TLM all these years under the cover of darkness.When they emerge, Bishop Sean will SEE whether there is any call for the TLM in his diocese! Many bishops are in for a shock! Deo Gratias!!

Anonymous said...

I always loved the Good Friday solemn petitions to the Lord. I never knew what 'perfidious' meant when I was a child, but it sounded serious enough to pray for the salvation of the Jews to whom it was referring.The Jews are all over the net today whining about the Pope 'daring' to bring back prayers for their salvation (he actually didn't!) Duh. How ignorant and 'perfidious' can you really be? I would LOVE to have the Pope and all Catholics in the world praying for my salvation!


Hey, Mary - sorry this is off-topic, but you posted on my blog, and I wanted to say -- yep, it's me. Thanks for reading my stuff, and nice job with yours!

I am almost, but not quite, inspired to put on an apron and make some jam.

Are you Jessica's older or younger sister?

Edward said...

Removing the word 'perfidious' was a mistaken compromise. It simply means 'without/against the faith'.
And it is for THESE Jews that we SHOULD pray for. The prayer concerned THESE (unbelieving) Jews, NOT those Jews who are 'fides', 'faithful', i.e. Christians.
By removing the word, the Church is now giving the silly notion, at least in the introductory part of the petition, that God remove the veil from the hearts and minds of ALL Jews - the Faithful believing as well as the unbelieving!
What veil, I ask, must be removed from the heart and mind of a faithful Christian who happens to be a member of the Jewish race?
If I were a Jewish Christian, I would find the sanitized version offensive.
You see how pricise the Latin tongue is? And why the Church has retained it for so long?
This modern sensitivity crap, based entirely on ignorance and reverse prejudice, is for the birds!

D.B. Kenner said...

"The only thing left to look forward to now is an editorial by James Carroll."

So true. And this is the same James Carroll that leads the attack against Israel, blaming her for everything including bad weather in Judea and Samaria. Funny that Jewish critics of the Church don't mind repeating the nonsense by Carroll and others when it slanders the RCC, but these same people and same media outlets will tomorrow be printing some outrageous piece of pro-Arab/Muslim nonsense...and then the Jewish groups will have a cow.

Here's a clue for them: if they lie about Israel, they might just be lying about Catholicism.