Saturday, July 07, 2007

Round Up

It's here: The Motu Proprio

Press Release from the Superior of St. Pius X

[Let's be honest this is what it's all about]

The Bishop of Vermont His Excellency Bishop Salvatore Matano

Bishop Matano will celebrate the Mass according to the 1962 Missal on the Feast of the Assumption, August 15th at St. Joseph's Church in Burlington, Vermont. This was our parish we were first married and we often went to Mass there. Our oldest daughter was baptized there as well. I plan to travel to Burlington to attend the Mass.

Cardinal Sean O'Malley
and his comments before the Motu Proprio were released:

In my comments at the meeting I told my brother bishops that in the United States the number of people who participate in the Latin Mass even with permission is very low. Additionally, according to the research that I did, there are only 18 priories of the Society of St. Pius X in the entire country. Therefore this document will not result in a great deal of change for the Catholics in the U.S. Indeed, interest in the Latin Mass is particularly low here in New England.

In our archdiocese, the permission to celebrate the Latin Mass has been in place for several years, and I granted permission when I was in Fall River for a Mass down on the Cape. The archdiocesan Mass is now at Immaculate Mary of Lourdes Parish in Newton. It is well attended, and if the need arises for an extension of that we would, of course, address it.

This issue of the Latin Mass is not urgent for our country, however I think they wanted us to be part of the conversation so that we would be able to understand what the situation is in countries where the numbers are very significant. For example, in Brazil there is an entire diocese of 30,000 people that has already been reconciled to the Church.

That's okay Cardinal, we knew we couldn't count on you anyway.

The real story on the "wide and generous" application of Ecclesia Dei by then Bishop O'Malley:

Well, what the Cardinal Says about the TLM on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, ("the Cape") is quite an obfuscation.

After 2 years of petitioning the Catholics of Cape Cod got their representative a personal meeting with the Cardinal, when he was the Bishop of this Diocese (Fall River): that was on April 2, 1999. After a desultory meeting, the rep. obtained the signatures of over 100 catholics in the Diocese (of whom I and my entire family made 5). After another 2 years of waiting, the Bishop established the indult on Cape Cod.

Though at least 1 diocesan priest begged to say it, the Bishop decided that it was best for the diocese of a priest of New York City did (NYC is 4 hours away)! He was a retired priest, and at the very first Mass he forced everyone to receive in the hand standing!

Other travesties followed, complaints were made to the Bishop, nothing was done! Most traditionalists do not even talk of the indult on Cape Cod now, they drive from Cape Cod 1 hour to go to
Providence or Boston!

I wonder if Cardinal Sean understands that it is directly because of Cardinals and Bishops like HIM that this document was necessary?

The Bishop of Rhode on the Motu Proprio- I could not find a statement. Not even on the Diocesan webpage. But there is a button to translate the webpage in Spanish.

Bishop McCormack of New Hampshire, who should be in jail for his role in the sex abuse scandal while he was an auxiliary bishop in Boston on the Motu Proprio.

[One gets the impression that the Bishop is thankful the implementation date is faraway September 14, 2007 and hopes that perhaps everyone will forget all about it.]

The Latin Mass is not officially authorized anywhere in New Hampshire.

The Bishop of Portland, Maine. Silent.

And the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Connecticut. Likewise silent.

Too busy celebrating I suppose or else hoping that they will wake up and it will all be a bad dream. If that is the case now they know what it has been like for us for the past 30 years.


Dymphna said...

God bless Bishop Matano.

Christina said...

If only the Bishop of Maine remained silent when it came time to "lead his flock" on the issue of homosexual "marriage". In fact, he promoted the bill, saying it was wrong for Catholics to vote against it.

Wow... certainly his silence on the MP speaks volumes, and sadly, it is not surprising.

Rebecca Urban said...

Oh, Mary. I couldn't agree with you more :-)