Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Homemaking and Heresies :a new name for my blog?

I'm feeling a little frivolous lately after an evening of making jam. I've been making strawberry, raspberry, blueberry. I think it's my favorite because the blueberries stay whole and look so beautiful. The aroma had the boys coming into the kitchen hopefully. I made toast and spread the jam and everyone was happy.

And on another homemaking front:

I'm painting my kitchen and have chosen "praire grass"- a beautiful gold for the molding and wainscoting. I want to place a vintage framed poster (preferably French) on the wall above the breakfast nook. I've been looking at these and have nearly chosen the first.

This is very dear but too cutsy I think. Though if I had triplets it would be a must have.


qlinger said...

I can't let you get any of those pictures. wait and I will find you a good picture.

Anonymous said...

....please not a French poster!!!!

Rebecca Urban said...

We have vintage French posters in our house too, Mary. I like the first one you have on your blog better than the second one. Just my two cents! ;-)

Anonymous said...
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