Friday, April 14, 2006

Bishop of St. Lucia Saved by Roman Collar

This news story is dedicated to all the priests who do not like to wear their clerics.

In summary, Bishop Kelvin Felix, Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago was attacked by a 26 year old man armed with a knife. The assailant attempted to slash his throat. Apparently his roman collar saved the Bishop. (And throughout the course of his life it is impossible to say how many others were saved, encouraged and fortified by the mere sight of the Bishop wearing his collar.)

The article is here.

One note caught my eye:

A report was made to the police and after investigations were conducted, a 26-year-old man who lives in a depressed area of the capital, was arrested.

The press just can't leave out the fact that the man was from a "depressed area". And since he is impoverished he obviously cannot be held to account for his attempted murder because he is poor and therefore virtuous and only attempting to make a political statement about the oppression of the poor.

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