Monday, April 10, 2006

St. Michael's College in Vermont: Catholic?

St. Michael's College in Winooski, Vermont is well known in New England. Founded by the Edmundites in 1904, its mission statement reads:

It is the mission of Saint Michael’s College to contribute through higher education to the enhancement of the human person and to the advancement of human culture in the light of the Catholic faith.

In light of the Catholic faith. Hmmm. Last week Bishop Matano, Vermont's new Bishop fired a warning salvo over the bow of St. Michael's. In an interview with the Bishop (transcript here) concern is indicated about the president of St Mike's who according to the Vatican is supposed to be Catholic. The President is a gay Unitarian. Though I don't blame the strong pro gay atmosphere of St Mike's on the president, rather his selection is only further evidence of it. The Bishop is also concerned about events like proabortion rallies on the College campus.

The Edmundites' influence at St. Mike's is waning right along with their numbers. There are currently 41 priests worldwide left in the order. One former priest- Fr. Many was accused of child abuse, though no longer a Catholic priest he is "pastoring" for Dignity in Vermont. (But please repeat there is no connection between child molestation and homosexuality). Article here. Many claims that the accusations against him are a witchhunt. Regrettably I disagree.

In a student op-ed, some statistics are being given about how Catholic St Mike's is.The article is here. The numbers are hard to refute:

57% of students call themselves Catholic
11% attend Mass weekly
15% believe they are more religious than when the entered St Mike's
26% say they are less Catholic

Amazing isn't it what Catholic parents are getting with their $35,000 tuition and room and board. Really I don't think you can put a dollar value on it.

And other campus news:

*Student wins Madeline Kunin award for AIDS activism.
*New Political Science Professor joins Faculty. His speciality AIDS policy. He and his partner Steven are looking forward to being a part of St. Mike's community.
*Peter Harrigan, tenured Fine Arts professor was a plaintiff in the lawsuit that brought Civil Unions to Vermont.
*student GLBT website
* Catholic Lesbian website lists St. Michaels as gay friendly Church

Prediction- Bishop Matano will remove the Catholic designation from St. Michael's College but it is happening so embarassingly late. I mean Vermont already has Civil Unions, in part because of a St. Michael's professor.


Madeline said...

I decided to re-write St. Michael's mission statement for them:

"It is the mission of St. Michael's college to contribute to the corruption and destruction of the human person by exposing him or her (or it?) to perversion and lies, under the guise of freedom and tolerance, while defying the Catholic Hierarchicy and the Teaching Magesterium of the Church, under whose auspices we operate."

I had to throw in the "it" part because since St. Michael's chose to qualify "person" with "human" in their original mission statement, it made me wonder what other kind of "person" (other than human) might attend there. Is it possible that extra-terrestials are also attending classes there? Visitting the library? Living in the dorms??? They might have bigger problems than even WE realize. :)

Anonymous said...

As student of St. Michael's I think you should attempt to get your information right first. The President of SMC is not a gay Unitarian, but the dean is the gay Unitarian. The actual heresy is within the Church itself right now as we speak. The Church pledges the dignity and respect of all human persons. It also has stated that homosexuality itself is not a sin, but that homogenital acts are sinful. It is possible that this is true, but I doubt it. Look at Aquinas' theory on natural law. He organizes natural law into two categories. There is the Order of Nature and the Order of Reason. Now, if biblical fundamentalism is correct, then humans would need to follow the Order of Reason for a few reasons. Humans are by far more advanced the other animals and thus are more complex in how we are to be judged. We can think out our relationships and therefor love would win over the animal nature of reproduction. Learn you're theologies and your histories before you begin to chastize an organization who has a focus on social justice. Maybe if people such as yourselves could do that, the world woudl be a much better place

UncleEzra said...

It's absolutely ridiculous--this stuff about how St. Michael's is or is not "Catholic."

What's even more ridiculous to assert that gay folks are somehow new to SMC.

Check this story out:

Anonymous said...

the mere fact the you don't have your facts in order leaves me with the conclusion that you are a lackluster researcher and an agent of intolerance.
I bet you don't gave the guts to post this...

M. Alexander said...

I've got more guts than you- I don't post anonymously.

drd said...

It's people like you that make me want to send my kid to St Mikes