Thursday, April 20, 2006

Laity versus their Bishops

Spirit Daily has an article about this growing phenomenon here. The question can the trust of the people be restored? What will it take?


Madeline said...

What is most frustratring to me about the bishops' response to abuses (sexual, financial, liturgical or otherwise)is that (besides facilitating and covering up these abuses) they tend to admonish and correct the victims. The victims, their families, and the faithful are cautioned not to be "judgemental" or "angry;" to forgive and pray for their attackers. At the same time, these bishops will express "deep concern" for the wellbeing of the perpetrators.

It's like a shepherd preaching tolerance and understanding to the sheep while the flock is being savaged by wolves. At some point the sheep must confront the wolves, or be torn to pieces.

Thomas Shawn said...

I wonder if there is any critical analysis in the USCCB around that whole "ordination of homosexuals" thing?

I mean, how'd that work out? Not too well, I think.

Tradcatholic said...

Good points, Madeline! Quoting scripture, "...LOVE your GOOD to those who HATE you. Perhaps the reason trads don't get too far with the local bp is that they don't HATE him enough for him do be forced to do GOOD to them.Maybe the 'victims' have to dress themselves up as wolves for a while for the bp to notice them.
Just a thought.