Monday, April 03, 2006

Mormonism Grows in Catholic Northeast

A Reuters story reveals that Mormonism is growing in a heavily Catholic region of the country. Story here. One reason given is the sex abuse scandals by Catholic clergy. That is pretty ironic since some Mormons practice polygamy which is really pedophilia masquerading as marriage given that many 2nd and subsequent "wives" are young teenage girls.

What does make Mormonism attractive is its strict moral code, emphasis on a clean cut personal appearance and the importance placed on the family. Come to think of it those were things that used to be said about the Catholic Church back in the 1950s. That would be before the Springtime of Vatican II, for those who are on the look out for the fruits of the Council. Keep looking. Let us know when you find some.


WriteWingNut said...

Our next-door neighbors are Mormon. They always have about five hundred cars at their house and a million family members staying there, lol.

Thomas Shawn said...

a local priest recounted how there were 800 families registered in his parish but by best estimates maybe 150 show up for Mass.

One day he ran into two young Mormons doing their missionary work...the youths were reporting that things were going exceedingly well and they greatly enjoyed working in this north central Massachusetts town.

Mormons believe in their religion .. would that Catholics believed in theirs.